Why I Must Delete All Comments On This Blog

Modern RelationshipWhy I Must Delete All Comments On This Blog

Google is an ever changing thing. That’s a nice way of putting it.

Google constantly changes the way it ranks sites on the Internet. You see, it sends out these little bots to “crawl” every site it can find. Then it uses the information it finds to rank each site. This determines whether your site comes up at number 1 in the search returns or 1 million. (Hint: NOBODY want their site to be listed as number 1 million.)

Why is this important?

Well, when you search for something on the Internet, do often do you look at the second, third, fourth, or fiftieth page of search results? Never….right?

No website or blog owner wants to spend hours researching and writing material if no one will ever see it, so it’s important to keep your website showing up high in the search results.

So this is the reason I must delete all comments on this blog.

Actually, there are two reasons.

First, when people comment on my blog they often leave a link to their site. This is perfectly fine. I often do that on other people’s sites myself. But here is the problem: If they later delete that site or change anything about that page of their site, then it is a “broken link” that goes no where. If that link is still listed on my site, then Google will penalize my site.

Doesn’t sound fair? Well, it sort of isn’t. But that’s how it works.

Second, even if a person links to a site that is still up and running, Google will still penalize me if it doesn’t “like” that site.

Yep, that’s right.

Why Must I Delete Everything Now?

Well, I have been preoccupied with other projects lately and have let this site suffer. I have not been on top of things and my ranking has slipped. It would literally take hours to go through the mountains of comments that I have approved over the years, so it would be much easier to just delete all the comments.

Anyone who has ever been a webmaster knows that it takes hours to sift through all the incoming comments for a website or blog. Although I have a plug in that helps cut down the time, it is still a huge job. I just don’t have the time or energy to go through all of these comments a second time.

To anyone who has posted a legitimate comment that did not link to anything “bad” I offer my sincere apologies.

I hope everyone understands : )

Time Saving Tips For Parents

Time Saving Tips For ParentsTime Saving Tips For Parents

Being a parent can often feel like being on a never-ending treadmill. Get out of bed, get ready for school, drop off kids, pick up kids, do homework, pack lunches, take bath, go to bed, get out of bed…….

Oh, did I forget to mention after school activities, and sometimes even before school activities?

What happened to all the family time? And while we are talking about it, what happened to all the “you” time?

Being a parent can be down right overwhelming these days, especially when you add on jobs and other commitments.

And single parents? I don’t even know how you do it. Seriously, hats off to you, because you are INCREDIBLE!

But everyone could use a few time saving tips, no matter what your situation might be. So here I am listing a few things that work for us. This is not rocket science, but every little bit helps, right?

1. Prepackage Teddy Grahams, Pretzels, Goldfish, Etc. For Lunches & Snacks

I usually don’t buy the overpriced, prepackaged versions of these items, but instead I buy snack bags and do it myself. It literally takes just minutes, but it saves lots of money and keeps down the clutter in my pantry. (Some of those prepackaged boxes are huge.) I have my boys help prepare the bags of goodies. We keep a variety of items to choose from, so when it’s time to pack lunches and snacks the boys just grab whatever item they want.

2. Wash All Fruits and Veggies When You Bring Them In The House

When we bring in groceries I wash all fruits and veggies immediately. This means no washing of individual items when it’s time to pack lunches, but it also means my family eats more healthy foods because all fruits and veggies are already washed and ready to eat when they want a snack at home too.

3. Choose Clothes the Night Before

It’s amazing how much time this saves me in the mornings. After I put my boys in the shower in the morning I am free to start breakfast, finish getting myself ready, etc. because their clothes are already chosen and ready for them to put on. The time it takes for them to shower, dry off and dress gives me those extra few minutes to keep my morning from feeling like a circus.

4. Keep Homework Supplies In the Car

This one really helps me keep it together. After a long day at work all I want to do it go home and chill for a while. I DO NOT want to come home and start doing homework. So we have put clipboards, pencils, and extra paper in our vehicle to be used for homework on the way home from school. It is surprising how much homework my boys can do in those few minutes. They often have it ready for me to check by the time we get home.  This is also great for days when we have appointments and don’t go straight home from school.

5. Have Everyone Carry In Everything From Your Vehicle Every Time You Get Home

I hate a cluttered up car as much as I hate a cluttered up home, so each time we arrive home I make everyone in the car carry in everything that belongs to them. Every time. Without fail. This keeps me from spending my weekends cleaning out my car. If my boys fail to do this, they will be called back outside to complete the task because I want it to be a habit for them. (Cleanliness is a habit, you know.)

So there you have it. Some of my best time saving tips for parents. Hope you will find these useful.

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by Angela Christian Pope @ ModernRelationship.org


Time To Slow Down

time to slow downModern Relationship is the first website/blog that I ever created. For a long time, it was my baby. Then I decided to diversify, and that led to lots of other projects which left me little time to post new material here.

I have decided that it’s time to come back to my first endeavor and devote more time to posting quality articles on this site. I hope you will take this journey with me.

Juggling a husband, two kids, many websites, a part time teaching job, writing books, and all the other responsibilities life throws at you has left me ready to simplify things as much as possible.

It’s time to slow down.

I am thinking of researching and posting some ideas to share with everyone, so we can all benefit from a slower pace of life. That is a topic of great interest to me lately, and I think almost everyone I know would be interested in the benefits of it, too.

Talk to you soon!

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Power Struggles In Relationships – Gone In 4 Weeks With Dr. Oz Plan!

Power Struggles In RelationshipsPower Struggles In Relationships – Tired of Pushing & Pulling?

Power struggles in relationships are so common these days that many reality shows base their whole design on the concept. Why? Because people can relate to it. I have one word for you: Trust. Let me explain…..

Although the battle of the sexes has been raging since the beginning of time, women in the workplace have poured lots of fuel on the flames. They pull their half of the load, therefore, they want their half of the power.

People are tired and stressed out. Add the rising divorce rate to the mix and you get people in relationships who really only want control of their future. They want some say in the shaping of their relationship and life.

That’s where the trouble often begins, especially if both partners are not communicating as well as they could. (Please see the exercise below.)

Who Wears the Pants In Your House?

You or your partner? If you answered, “The dog!” then forget this article and go pet your pooch!

But seriously, do you feel like your home is a perpetual battlefield where the most aggressive sergeant gets to rule the whole army?

Power struggles in relationships usually start as small irritations that snowball into one huge avalanche. Why? Both individuals feel like they are:

a. not being heard

b. losing control of their life and individuality

c. not having their feelings considered

All this comes down to one big concept. They feel like the other person cannot be trusted to make decisions that are positive for BOTH partners. So ultimately, a big component of  most power struggles is lack of trust. Just let that sink in your brain for a minute.

The sad part of this is that often both individuals CAN be trusted, but the lack of openness in the relationship simply does not allow the trust to break through, then you will see that it’s true.

Are You a Turtle Or a Sponge?

A turtle has a hard shell and doesn’t allow anything inside that shell. He keeps everything out so he can remain safe. If you are a turtle, then you are keeping out the good stuff as well as the bad stuff.

On the other hand, a sponge soaks up everything. If you are a sponge, then you soak up every single thing your partner has to offer. You are not afraid of the bad stuff because with it comes the good stuff too.

Here is the cold hard truth: If you have a relationship with ANYONE, then you will get hurt at some time. Parents, friends, family, partners – ALL HUMAN. Every single one of them. (Just like you.) People are not perfect and they will make mistakes. So you will get your feelings hurt and people will fall short of your expectations in life.

So ask yourself, “If I trust my partner, what’s the worst thing that will happen?”

Well, I will answer that question for you.

If both of you learn to trust each other, then you will have a mutually respectful relationship which will lead to both of you consulting the other’s opinion before any big decisions and you will be a great team instead of two lonely individuals.

Now, doesn’t that sound warm and fuzzy?

When you rationally think these scenarios through, you will see that the consequences are usually not that bad.

Life is too short not to love and feel and experience as much as you can. So don’t be the turtle. He has a slow, dull, boring life.

Here is the best exercise I could find to overcome the power struggle in your relationship. In the book YOU: Being Beautiful: The Owner’s Manual to Inner and Outer Beauty by Michael F. Roizen and Mehmet C. Oz (I love these books!) they recommend the Your Way/His Way Four Week Trial. (Before you get too excited, this has nothing to do with sex.)


Here’s what you do. For the first two weeks your partner gets to make ALL the decisions. This means everything from what’s for dinner to who to invite over for dinner. They will decide on plans for the weekend and what goes in the basket at the supermarket.

But wait, your turn is coming. The next two weeks are your turn. Just how will this help your relationship? According to the authors, “First, it separates the actual issues from the power struggle over who is right.” This is important because allows you to trust each other without the baggage, and it also reaffirms that trust when you see that your partner considers you when making decisions and does not abuse the power even when they have permission to do so.

Back to sex. This power experiment does not apply to the bedroom. That’s one place that needs to remain the same. (It could do more damage than good.)

So, set your partner down and agree to complete this experiment and end the power struggle in your relationship right now.

Your future will thank you.

Another great resource I recommend to bring you closer is called 1000 Questions For Couples. You can download this ebook, print it off, and place it on your shelf to use for years to come. It will never be outdated because it contains timeless questions to help you achieve a level of closeness that most couples never feel. It’s a great investment for ANY couple (as well as a great wedding gift).

Power Struggles In Relationships


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by Angela Christian Pope @ ModernRelationship.org

★ How To Train Your Husband Is Out!

How To Train Your HusbandHow To Train Your Husband has just been released!

I am really excited about the release of this book! I have worked hard to pack it full of practical ways to improve any relationship. The goal of every person is to have the happiest relationship possible, right? How To Train Your Husband will help you reach this goal in the easiest way possible.

This book will allow you to shape the way your husband relates (and reacts) to you. You will keep him on his toes and surprise him with tactics and behaviors that he has never seen from you before.

Over time his behavior will begin to change in relation to yours (usually without him even realizing it).

I am including a bonus ebook called How To Fight Fair. This book helps you eliminate painful arguments that damage your marriage and replace them with constructive “discussions” that work out the issues at hand.

Every marriage has room for some improvement! And yours will not improve itself, right? It takes some effort on your part.

For less than the price of one cheap meal out, you can improve your marriage for the rest of your life!

Get your copy here!



♥ Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 2013 ♥

Valentine's Day Gift IdeasValentine’s Day Gift Ideas 2013

It’s that wonderful time of year again. Time to show your partner how much you love them.

Candy? Flowers? Weekend getaway?

All good ideas. All things that can be extremely romantic. However, I have been doing my homework and I have a few other ideas.

I found a whole list of great (and different) ideas in a book. Here is a preview:

1. Use conversation candy hearts to spell out a romantic message and leave it on the table or kitchen counter.

2. Buy a whole box of kids’ Valentine cards and:

* Mail a whole box of them

* Fill his briefcase with them

* Tape them all over her car

* Fill the sink with them

* Fill her pillow with them

* Mail one each day for the whole month of February

3. Make good use of a big red bow (and nothing else)

These ideas all came from a book called 1001 Ways to Be Romantic, 3E: More Romantic Than Ever.

You can get your own copy here:

Or if you prefer the Kindle version:

This book is packed full of ideas you can use all year long, so it is well worth the money. (Think of all the points this could earn you, guys!)

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Cost More Money

Valentine's Day Gift IdeasI have one other idea.

I suggest this resource on my websites all the time, but it seems even more appropriate for Valentine’s Day gift ideas. It’s called 1000 Questions For Couples. What better gift could you give your partner than your time and your thoughts? Guys, if you want your girl to melt into your arms, then this is your best bet. (But don’t be afraid to combine this with one of the other ideas above.)


If you still want to go the more traditional route, or combine a couple different ideas, then check out Amazon’s Valentine’s Day Event.

One last thing. I always suggest 30 Days of Gratitude to enhance any relationship at any time. This costs absolutely nothing, but the value it will add to your marriage or relationship is priceless!

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by Angela Christian Pope @ ModernRelationship.org