Eminence Wild Plum Eye Cream Review

Eminence Wild Plum Eye Cream

Eminence Wild Plum Eye Cream Review

Do dark circles under your eyes ever make you feel like a Halloween exhibit?  You know, the Frankenstein look?

I sympathize with you, girlfriend.

I have had dark circles under my eyes since I was a small child, so like everyone else with this curse, I want to find the magic lotion that will make them disappear forever.

A few months ago I became determined to find something that would work. I went online and searched through forums and review sites. What I came up with for a good candidate was Eminence Wild Plum Eye Cream. (Currently $61.99 for 1.05 oz. on Amazon at the time of this posting.) Note: This price has now dropped to $47.25.

My Experience

Well, I had high expectations….

It was packaged nicely and smelled heavenly. Even my husband said I smelled good when I snuggled up to him after I applied it.

At  first, I thought I might see a slight difference. My eye area seemed to be a little brighter. But after a few weeks of using the cream my eyes still had dark circles under them. After a few months it was still the same.

However, I was not giving up. I decided that I would continue to use it as an eye cream and see how it could benefit me that way. It was fall when I first started using it, and I quickly found that my oily skin could not take the eye cream during the day because it made my eye makeup come off under my eyes. (I have this problem with many products during warm weather.) So I went back to using Clinique Repairwear Intensive Eye Cream during the day under my makeup.

Then I decided to use it only at night. That was fine for awhile, but then the weather started getting cooler. My skin has started doing a 180 when the weather changes (since I got older) and now it actually gets dry in the winter most of the time. Well, guess what? All of a sudden I started getting that “crepy” look under my eyes. Obviously, this formula was not strong enough for me during the winter. I started using Clinique Repairwear Intensive Eye Cream at night too and I saw an improvement in about 2 – 3 days.

This was MY experience, and everyone’s skin is different. Your experience could be totally different.

Buy Eminence Wild Plum Eye Cream from Amazon

Stay Beautiful – Inside and Out!

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Generosity Day (a.k.a The Valentine’s Day Alternative)

Generosity Day Valentine's DayGenerosity Day is a new movement underway to overhaul Valentine’s Day. It’s a sort of fix for it.

“I didn’t know it was broken,” you say.

Well, I didn’t either – at first. But when you think about it, it sort of makes sense. Valentine’s Day really is about more than just romantic love. It’s about caring for all those around us and mankind general. In this world where every holiday has become a consumer buying frenzy and contest to see who gives and gets the most extravagant gifts, Generosity Day brings the holiday back down to earth. It makes the word “love” mean something again. It challenges us to do things for people instead of just throwing money at them.

After the fall of our economy recently, a lot of people reexamined their priorities in life and reordered their lives accordingly. Generosity Day is a direct reflection of those changes.

I know I would rather have time and attention from my husband than an expensive gift any day of the week. Most people feel the same way. Parents, children, friends….even strangers, just need a little caring and love thrown their way.

It doesn’t take much to brighten someone’s day. So here are some ways you can touch lots of lives tomorrow with very little effort on your part:Generosity Day Valentine's Day 2

1. Carry around some heart shaped candy and give a piece to everyone you come in contact with. Then say Happy Generosity Day (of Happy Valentine’s Day if you prefer). Even if they don’t eat the candy, they will appreciate the gesture.

2. Go to a nursing home or retirement center and do the same as Number 1 above. Words can’t express what a difference that would make for some of the residents.

3. Call up an three old friends you have lost touch with and make a plan to get together for dinner.

4. Serve a meal at a homeless shelter and give each person there a small Valentines’ Day treat. (It might be the only thing they get for the holiday.)

5. Everyone has a friend or family member who is struglling in some way. Call that person up and offer to help them in whatever way they need. Maybe they need a shoulder to cry on or maybe they need babysitter for an evening. When people are down even the smallest help is greatly appreciated.

Happy Generosity Day (or Happy Valentine’s Day) to everyone!

Need some Valentine’s Day gift suggestions? Visit Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 2013. Still need more ideas? Visit Romantic Valentine Ideas.

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by Angela Christian Pope @ www.ModernRelationship.org



Tria Review (Tria Hair Removal Laser)

Tria Review (Tria Hair Removal Laser)


Tria ReviewTria Review

What is the TRIA Hair Removal Laser? I’ll tell you what it is…..FREEDOM!

I have been watching the TRIA Hair Removal Laser for a long time….just watching and waiting for the price to drop. Well, it did drop, but it took a long darn time!

I voiced my concerns to my wonderful hubby, who bought me one for Christmas this year. But this is the best part…..he felt so sorry for me that he let me have it three weeks before Christmas!

Why I Decided To Try Tria

1. You have to purchase replacement parts for the No! No!

2. I have had professional electrolysis, which is too painful, expensive and way too much time out of my schedule.

3. The people who developed the laser used in doctor offices and spas also created this compact, at home version.

4. It is permanent!!!

How It Works:

The Tria uses a laser that searched for pigment and zaps it. This is why dark skinned people cannot use it due to possible skin damage (it will cook dark skin). Also, people with really light or white hair do not get results because the laser cannot find the hair.

When I got the Tria out of the box it was actually a little larger than I expected, and the laser window was smaller than I expected. (However, I was not discouraged. I am willing to put some work into being hair-free.) It comes with a Tria Skin Sensor which you use to make sure your skin is not too dark.


1. Completely wash the area you wish to treat.

2. Shave the area as closely as possible. (You want all the laser to be concentrated under the skin and toward the root, so you want to remove as much hair as possible above the skin.) Also, the closer the shave, the less it hurts.

3. Dry the area completely.

4. Use these steps to unlock the Tria:

First, you turn the Tria on. Then you hold the skin sensor against the skin you want to treat. Then you push the botton on top. If it turns red, then that area is too dark to treat. If it turns green, then you move it across the front panel of the Tria and it unlocks it. You are now ready for use.

(Note: You should not wax or pluck the area for at least six weeks before you begin administering Tria treatments. You can shave at anytime during the treatments, and you do not have to use the Tria EVERY time you shave.)

Using the Tria:

The Tria has five settings and you should you the highest laser setting you can tolerate for the best results. You place the Tria against your skin and listen for the first beep. When it has finished treating that area it will beep a second time. (This is usually a couple seconds.) Then you can move on to the next spot. This sounds simple enough, but it has such a small tip that it only treats a tiny area each time.

The instruction book suggests that you treat overlapping areas, which I also believe is a good idea. It is also a good idea to find a white marking pen of some kind and grid the area you are treating. This makes it much easier to cover all areas and not miss anything.

Also, the tip area has to stay securely in contact with your skin. If you move it or if it is not flat on your skin, then it will buzz letting you know that spot was not treated and you need to try it again.

The manufactorer suggests you treat each area every two weeks up until the third month, then you can cut back to once each month.

It takes three hours for the Tria to fully charge. There is also a quiet charge setting which takes eight hours to complete. The reason for this setting is because the Tria has an internal fan that cuts off and on while it is working or charging. But I don’t find it to be that loud. I often charge mine in my bedroom at night and it doesn’t wake me up.

You cannot use the Tria while it is plugged in, and a full charge will only last you around 20 minutes or so. This depends largely on the setting you use. The highest setting uses the charge the quickest. Because of this you have to stop and recharge quiet often, which can be frustrating when you are trying to finish a certain area.

My Experience:

The booklet that comes with the Tria states that you will not notice any real change until the second or third month, but I saw a difference after the second treatment. This was surprising to me because I have hair removal issues. (A good waxing lasts me EXACTLY ten days on any part of my body. It’s hardly worth the effort. Especially with all the ingrown hair that follows.)

It is now mid-February and I must say that I am quite happy with the results so far. I started out doing my upper and lower legs, and underarms. I added my bikini line a few weeks later since I had to wait six weeks from previous waxing. However, it was so time consuming that I stopped working on my upper legs for now. I plan to go back to them when I am finished with the other areas.

My lower legs have areas with no hair growing back at all. When I shave I get a very close shave and my legs stay soft and smooth for days.

My underarms have shown the least amount of results. It is such a small area and I concentrate on only covering them with a whole charge, so I expected more. I have considered that maybe deodorant residue might have something to do with that.

My bikini line has been the best treated area so far. I started it later, but have seen the greatest results there. I am almost finished with treatments in that area.

As mentioned before, the booklet states you should treat each area every two weeks in the beginning, but since I have such a fast growth cycle for hair I chose to treat every 12 days instead of every 14 days.

I have also found a good way to compensate for the fact that I always miss areas on my legs. I get in some good light and dry shave tiny areas that I have missed, then I use the Tria in those specific spots. Later, I will shave the whole leg and resume using the Tria as usual.

This has been MY experience, but every person has a body that can respond differently to things. I hope this Tria Review has helped you make a decision on which product is right for you.

Purchase TRIA Hair Removal Laser from Amazon.

Stay Beautiful – Inside and Out!

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Romantic Valentine Ideas – Do Something Different This Year

Romantic Valentine Ideas

Romantic Valentine Ideas

Love is in the air again. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s time to show your sweetheart how much they light your fire. You can always go for the traditional flowers/candy/dinner out combination. It’s hard to go wrong with that. Or you can opt for something a little different. I personally enjoy thinking outside the box.

I decided to scour the Internet for some good ideas and share them with everyone. I have done the work for you.

Just choose, point and click.

I have broken everything down into three categories: For Girls, For Guys, and For Everyone.

First, I am really big on ideas that take a little creativity and effort. This is especially true when guys are doing something for girls.

To us effort = love. (That’s a good thing to remember, guys.)

Romantic Valentine Ideas For Girls

Here are some ideas that will get you mega points with your girl:

Let me say one thing before we start. Presentation is everything. If you buy her something nice be sure to package it nicely. It only takes a minute and it has lots more impact than handing her a bag with the store logo on it. Take the time to drop the gift into a pretty gift bag or have it wrapped at the store.

Also, if you bring home food (see below) don’t serve it in take out containers. I know it wouldn’t matter to you, but it DOES matter to HER. Remember: effort = love.

1. Go around to multiple restaurants and buy her favorite thing at each one. For example, get her favorite appetizer at one restaurant, her favorite entree at another, bread at another, drink at another, dessert at yet another. (Get something for yourself too.) Bring it all home and set it up in nice dishes with candlelight and some soft background music. A nice rose beside her plate will top it all off nicely. She will melt into a puddle right beside you.

2. This is a variation on number 1 above. Instead of putting together a whole meal, go to a variety of different restaurants and just get her favorite dessert at each one. Remember to set it up nicely when you get home. You can do it as listed above in number 1 or you can also serve it to her in bed with a rose and some candles. (This would be especially nice after a hot bubble bath you ran for her with rose petals and more candles.

Personalization Mallicon is a great place to find something customized just for her. You can even get her name on any item for free.


Romantic Valentine Ideas For Him

These ideas will endear him to you even more than before:

1. By far the most sought after gift for all men is a coupon book. This can be homemade, although I have seen them for sale before. The advantage of a homemade coupon book is that you can customize it. It can be as racy as you want it to be (or not be). Guys like the thought of having free reign (i.e. the ability to cash a coupon in whenever they feel like it.) You can also include things like go fishing with them, go to the races, etc. Have fun with it and be sure you put things in there to make HIM happy.

2. Guys are always into their lineage (especially if they have kids) so I thought a good gift for them that’s a little different is a family tree. You can go to Family Echo and make one for free. You don’t even have to register. Just put in your information in and the site builds it for you. Pop it in a frame and you have a one of a kind gift.

Of course, guys always like tickets to events.

(And it’s all about getting something they will enjoy, right? Guys don’t enjoy pink teddy bears – no matter what the holiday.)


Romantic Valentine Ideas For Everyone

Here are some ideas for anyone, male or female:

I am a huge fan of subscriptions. I like to put magazine subscriptions in my kids’ stockings at Christmas, and they are thrilled because they get the thrill of receiving new magazines for a whole year. It gives them something to look forward to and it stretches the gift receiving experience out for them.

For this reason I am including a link to Clubs of America below. You can choose from tons of different delivery options. Some items you can choose from are chocolate, flowers, cigars, fruit, beer, wine, etc. I know it sounds a little hokey, but isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?

Clubs of America - Great Gift Ideas!



 Who doesn’t love M&M’s?

 Vday 15%


(UPDATE: I put this up as the Tip of the Day today, but I liked it so much I decided to include it here.)

 Buy a frame that displays two pictures side by side. Then find a baby picture for you and one for your partner for the frame. Girls would especially like to receive this gift.

Hope this has inspired you. I will continue searching for creative ideas and update this article if I find some that are good.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

by Angela Christian Pope @ ModernRelationship.org