Green Tidings Organic All Natural Deodorant Review

Green Tidings Organic All Natural Deodorant


Green Tidings Organic All Natural Deodorant Review

I have been trying to slowly switch all of the products in my house to healthier versions with various levels of success. Sometimes we get so used to the formulations of certain products that it becomes difficult to adjust to something different. I have found that especially hard with scents. I really like the synthetic scents put into detergents, fabric softeners, shampoos, deodorants, etc.

However, one of the biggest challenges I have found has been to find a natural deodorant. I have tried a couple different ones that were quite sticky, and that, of course, defeats the purpose of wearing deodorant. No one wants to feel sticky under the arms!

While looking for some natural shampoo and conditioner options I came across Green Tidings Organic All Natural Deodorant on Amazon. I started reading the reviews on this product (there were 7,712 reviews at the time of this writing) and decided I really had to try it.

First of all, let’s start with the ingredients:

  • ONLY CLEAN, PURE, VEGAN INGREDIENTS: Coconut Oil, Tapioca Starch, Sodium Bicarbonate (aluminum-free), Organic Shea Butter (Fair Trade), Wildcrafted Candelilla Wax, Magnesium Oil, and 100% pure essential oils.


  • WHAT MAKES GREEN TIDINGS DIFFERENT: Non-toxic, Organic, Vegan, Gluten-free, Corn-free, Soy-free, Paraben-free, Free of Mineral Salts (crystal deodorants, and mineral salts contain aluminum!), SLS-free, Aluminum-free, Propylene-glycol free, Perfume-Free, Petroleum and Petrolatum-free, Pthalate-free, Paraffin-free, Mineral Oil-free, no artificial colors, No Silicone Oil, No Menthol, Phenol, or Salicylic Acid, Certified Cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny, & made in a solar powered facility.

Sounds good so far, right?

It comes in two sizes: 1 ounce and 2.7 ounce. It also comes in unscented and lavender scent.

I tried the 1 ounce, unscented version because I really wanted to know how well it worked without being swayed by the scent. It comes with a screw on lid but twists up like any deodorant.

I had read on one of the Amazon reviews that it could be difficult to spread on and it could be held under your arm for a few seconds to warm it up before swiping it on. I have found this to be good advice. However, I have also found that I do not need to actually swipe it on. Instead, I hold it there to warm it up, then I dab it on.

The Amazon sales site says that if you have residue on your clothing, then you have applied too much. So far, I have not had that problem.

So Does Green Tidings Organic All Natural Deodorant Work?

First I must say that it is a deodorant, but not an antiperspirant.That means it WILL allow you to sweat, but it hopefully will not allow you to get stinky. This was a new concept for me because I have always used products that did both (like most women). Most people in this day and age DO NOT want to be sweaty in any situation besides a work out, right?

However, sweating is a natural process and it is not a good thing to completely stop any natural process in your body.

I started using this deodorant in February, which is not the best month to find out how well it works. But I did go on a long walking tour the other day and got quite hot. I am happy to say that I DID NOT smell badly after the tour. A couple hours later I came home and asked my husband how I smelled. I can count on him for a truthful answer as I know from previous deodorant trials. He reported that I smelled perfectly normal – not bad at all.

Due to our weird weather this winter, we have also had several days that were near seventy degrees. I have also smelled fine on those days.

So I can happily report that I am happy with this deodorant right now.

*  I will update this article in a few months when the weather is warmer. *

Pros: all natural, relatively easy to apply, readily available through Amazon

Cons: Can’t buy it at locals stores (at least not around me)

See complete information on Green Tidings Organic All Natural Deodorant here. 

See a review for Crystal Deodorant here.

Note: Some people get  “armpit detox” symptoms when switching to a natural deodorant. I have not had this problem so far, but I have only been using it for a couple of weeks now.  This reportedly happens to people when your body realizes you are no longer spreading harmful ingredients under your arms and decides it is safe to rid your body of the ones already there. You can read more about that here.




Kinky Curly Curling Custard Review

Kinky Curly Curling Custard

There’s not doubt that natural products are in these days, and I am one of the many people experimenting with the different options out there for eliminating chemicals and harmful substances from my daily routine.

I accidentally stumbled across Kinky Curly Curling Custard on Amazon while searching for a natural shampoo and conditioner combo. Of course, the first thing I did was check the reviews. However, Amazon reviews cannot always be trusted these days since people often place false reviews on products to boost sales. I also checked some Youtube reviews. Many people claimed that it gave them waves and/or curls they never had before. I decided to definitely give it a try.

Here are the ingredients: Botanical Infusion Of Water, Horsetail, Chamomile, Nettle And Marshmallow, Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Agave Nectar Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Pectin, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate And Natural Fragrances.

This gel should be applied to soaking wet hair, as with many products intended for curly hair.

First of all, this product is like a slime. I have a difficult time getting the right amount of the product because it slides off my fingertips when I try to dip it out. I kept scooping too much in order to keep it from sliding off, but then I found it is easier for me to scoop it with a spoon and then place it in my hand. Kind of weird, but it works.

Second, the act of working it into my hair was quite a chore.  No matter how much I tried I couldn’t get it to distribute evenly, which was evident after it dried. So I tried mixing it with some leave in conditioner before I applied it. This helped to certain extent, but still not as well as I wanted.

Third, I learned quickly that I was not using enough of this product, so I increased the amount each day for about three days. I never got the even smooth curls that others seem to get. Instead, I got some wet looking curls with flyaway frizzes here and there. (I know this sounds like I still didn’t distribute the product, but I worked on it FOREVER!)

Now, I have used many products that left crunchy curls when dry. I am well aware of how scrunch the hair to get nice soft curls afterward. However, I could never get the crunchy look out of my hair with Kinky Curly Curling Custard.

After about a week of having terrible hair, I finally decided it just was not the product for me. It just looked too messy and unfixed.  I have no doubt that some other people have wonderful results from this product, but my search for perfect curls continues. So sad…….

Hope this review helps you!

How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

If you asked most adults in the United States about their biggest source of stress, I would the wager the most frequent answer to be overwhelm.

The number of things to do on most people’s “to do” list is staggering and it seems most people add more things to it than they accomplish on a daily basis. In fact, the dreaded “to do” list has become an affliction that weighs us down and steals our joy, year in and year out.

There are even rules now about how many things you need to have on a “to do” list on any given day, along with arguments about how large a task has to be in order to be written down. People are literally stressing over the lists that are supposed to eliminate stress!

I, too, am one of the many people who suffer from this affliction.  If my list gets too long, then I get anxious. If it is too short, then I feel sure I am leaving out something important. One way to overcome this is to focus on your most important task (MIT) each day. There are lots of books and websites that touch on this concept. Here is an article by Leo Babauta that I really like.

With this being said, here are some other suggestions on how to stop feeling overwhelmed:

You Don’t Have To Keep Score Anymore

Sometimes we need to be reminded of even the most basic things in life. I read this quote today on Courtney Carver’s blog Be More With Less. She had posted an article about feeling overwhelmed that made several wonderful points, but this one especially stood out to me. (Read the whole article here.)

Although no one ever comes straight out and says “You are in competition with ever other individual on the planet” we all know that we are, or are expected to be.

Our well-meaning parents set us up for this when we begin school, or sometimes even before that. After all, academics are important, right? Then there’s sports, sibling rivalry, college entrance exams, job interviews, salaries, house size, retirement accounts, etc.

What’s even worse is that people now even keep score on social media. Who has taken the most lavish vacation or had the most elaborate wedding or baby shower?

And what’s worse still, we often compete through our children as well. It’s all about whose child makes better grades, is a better athlete, got into a better school, etc.

Well, guess what? You don’t have to keep score anymore. And we all do it to some extent, whether we realize it or not.

But we can all recognize it as something we do and then make the conscious decision to stop right now.

Is all competition bad? Of course not. Be we need to keep it in perspective. Then we can better allocate our time, energy and finances accordingly.

Working Part Time (Or Not At All) Does Not Make You Lazy

In the United States, we live in a society that is very accomplishment driven. People who do not possess the killer instinct to work excessive hours and ruthlessly climb the ladder of success are often deemed lazy in the eyes of others. Stay at home mothers catch a great deal of this judgement, but tell someone you are a stay at home wife with no children and people go nuts!

Why would one family’s personal lifestyle decision matter to anyone else? Especially f it doesn’t affect them at all?

As of February 27, 2019, there is a documentary on Netflix called Happy that I highly recommend everyone watch. It details what makes people happy in various walks of life, and it turns many conventional ideas upside down. It will literally change the way you think about everything in life.

But back to working – it is okay not to work full time, just like it is okay to want less possessions and more free time in your life. These things usually come together as a package deal for most people.

Never allow the judgments of other people rule your life. Your happiness matters, not their opinions.

It’s Okay To Be You

I know this one sounds simplistic, but most of us have still not learned this lesson no matter how many times it is taught. You should make the decision today that you will be yourself no matter what it takes. You should always:

  • love you
  • like you
  • spend time with just you
  • understand you
  • believe in you
  • be kind to you
  • see the beauty in you
  • take care of you
  • appreciate you

Until we all learn to do these things, we will never be truly happy. You must be happy in your own skin and your own head. Stop trying to do so much and spend some time just being.

Do Something For Someone Else

Nothing puts life in perspective so much as helping someone else. Many times this brings real issues to the forefront and allows insignificant things to fade to the background of our lives, allowing us to focus our time and attention on what truly matters.

Selfless acts of love and generosity are the root of many wonderful things in life. This happens because we are thinking of someone else instead of ourselves. Just think what would happen if everyone on the planet did that for one whole day!!!

Mother Teresa was quoted as saying:

Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.


Not so very long ago people who practiced mediation in the United States were considered to be a little “out there” in many ways. Thankfully, those days are long gone since people of all ages and walks of life have discovered the wondrous benefits of turning everything off for a few minutes each day and learning shut out all the noise.

It can literally change the structure of your brain.

If you have never tried mediation, here is a guide on Zen Habits to get you started.  Also, there is a resource by Bob Proctor that I use virtually everyday, somethings multiple times a day. I often listen to it in the background using headphones while I am working at the computer during the day. It is a guided meditation that I absolutely love!

And last, but not least:

Practice Gratitude

You knew this would be on the list, right? Because it is on every list of everything that makes our life better. Your brain actually changes when you practice habitual gratitude for an ongoing period of time (much like meditation, which makes these two a winning combination).

Begin each and every morning by thinking of all the good things in your life and saying “thank you” for all of them. Be sure to include small things in your list as well as the big things. Right now I am thinking how grateful I am for my sight, so I can see to type this blog post. I am also grateful for my computer, my internet and electricity, my desk and chair, the heater at my feet, the time to do this, etc.

It is especially helpful to practice gratitude when things are going wrong in life or when you feel discouraged or down. Gratitude can turn your disposition around in a matter of seconds if you allow it.

Wishing you an abundance of happiness!

Clear Nail Review: Toenail Fungus Treatment

Clear Nail

Toenail fungus is an enemy that I know well. (See previous post here.) After an initial issue with it several years ago, I seem to have it on at least one toenail almost all of the time now.

I have found that I have some circulation problems which I believe have contributed to this problem, so at this point I wish I could forget I even have toes. Although I have recently purchased some compression socks to help with the circulation problems, and found to my surprise that I actually enjoy wearing them. They feel great!

However, the toenail fungus continues to plague me.

With that being said, I have found a couple things to do that usually render the best results for me personally. Obviously, toenail fungus treatments work better for some people than others, as with all medical treatments. But over the last few years I have realized that I always come back to Clear Nail no matter what else I try.

Here is my current treatment and routine:

  1. File the nail back to basically nothing.
  2. Use Clear Nail liberally.

Let me be clear about this – Clear Nail DOES NOT cure toenail fungus. No matter how you treat it, the affected nail must grow out. However, it definitely slows down the growth for me. So the combination of removing the affected area and using this topical treatment, I am able to eventually cure it each time it shows up.

Here is exactly what I do:

Step 1: Use an emory board to file away any affected nail and also get a nice porous top layer on the nail.

Step 2: Take a shower or bath and use lots of soap to wash feet.

Step 3: Dry feet completely.

Step 4: Apply a liberal amount of Clear Nail. The previous filing will allow the medication to absorb deep into the nail.

Step 5: Wait until nail is completely dry, then put on socks and/or shoes.

Notes: I do this every morning and every evening. Also, I always sleep in socks so I don’t accidentally contaminate our bed sheets and spread it to other toes (or to my hubby). Lastly, any time you clip that nail, be sure to either throw the clippers away or run them through the dishwasher on the hottest setting.

If this helps even one person, this post will be worth it!

Note: I have never tried the laser treatment for nail fungus because I read many places that it mostly didn’t work. However, I recently came across this article that explains a new laser that supposedly shows more promise.




Minimalism With a Family: The Good, Bad & Ugly

minimalism with a family

We have all heard that minimalism is only for single guys, right? Living a simple, uncluttered life might be easier with less stuff and fewer people under one roof, but when minimalism becomes a state of mind it can work for anyone – even families.

According to these Spare Foot Statistics, the self storage industry had a whopping $38 billion in revenue in 2018. And that’s just in the United States (we are surely not the only hoarders in the world). That’s a lot of money just to store some things we probably forgot we even had and will likely never use again.

But we don’t want all that in our homes, right?

Enter the Family

Going from a single person, to a married person, to a family with with kids can bring your clutter factor to scary proportions. Add in a couple pets and it is the perfect storm for chaos and disorder. But minimalism with a family is definitely possible.

Although clutter affects some individuals more than others, it is fair to say it disrupts productivity for everyone. Children are especially prone to the pitfalls of clutter since they are learning the habits they will carry into adulthood. It is important to model good organizational behavior for your children, but it can also help you live a less complicated life in the present.

Let’s assume you have decluttered your home. (If not, start with Marie Kondo’s book.) How do you keep it that way? Here are some practical ways to keep your home sweet home peaceful and tidy.

One Thing In, One Thing Out

This should be a way of life for all minimalist enthusiasts. Every time you bring a new pair of shoes into your home, an old pair goes out. Same goes for any other item in your house. This is one of the easiest ways to keep clutter down.  Since you know something has to leave your house for something new to come in, you will begin bargaining with yourself each time you consider a new purchase.  Sometimes just taking that moment to consider which item to throw out will be enough to talk you out of a new item.

Give Every Item a Home

Items that do not have a home can never be put away. Simple, right?

Yet, so many items end up in the “plop spot”. Every home has a plop spot. It is where everyone drops everything the minute they come through the door. It can easily become a jumble of shoes, backpacks, lunchboxes, sports equipment and dog leashes. Spend a weekend organizing items that don’t have a designated spot. This includes the items mentioned above. Amazon and IKEA are good places to look for organization items and Pinterest is always teeming with ideas.

If you do not have enough room for all of your stuff to be put away, either you still have too much stuff or you need better organization. Be honest with yourself about this and take appropriate measures.

Don’t Let Papers Pile Up

This is one of my worst categories. It seems I am always so busy in the afternoons when the mail and school papers come home that I often make a stack to look through later. The problem is that stack keeps growing everyday and so the task of going through it keeps growing as well.

I have helped myself to a certain degree by purchasing a file crate that I keep by the front door. (I bought a pretty one so it looks nice with my decor.) I also keep a trash can close so I can sort mail as soon as it comes through the door. I use the file crate to file away some things immediately, like bills that will automatically be paid online. I also designated one file for receipts called “possible returns”. Any receipt that has an item I am not sure about yet goes into that file. Or anything that has a limited warranty. I clean it out at the end of each year when I do my taxes and go through everything.

Any papers that need action of some kind are placed on top of the file crate. They are in my way each day when I file new papers, so that keeps them constantly on my mind until I follow through with them.

Assign Chores

One person cannot keep a house tidy when multiple people live there. One of the best lessons you can teach your children is a good work ethic. This begins in the home. All the people who live in your home make up a team and each team member should do his or her part. It can take time to train both your children and your partner to do this on a daily basis, but once the training is over you will all benefit for years to come.

Besides learning to clean up behind themselves as they go through their day, they should each have designated chores that are done daily and/or weekly. I always tell my children that chores build character, and I completely believe that.

Make It a Habit

All of the above steps only work if you implement them consistently. According to John Assaraf (who I follow and greatly admire) it can take at least 90 days to form a new habit. This can increase greatly according to which habit you are trying to establish, of course. However, your goal should be to make these steps habits, and thereby put them on autopilot.

When you have done that, you have developed new lifestyle!

Good luck!