5 things to make your day better

5 Things To Make Your Day Better

Life can be dull, stressful, boring, heartbreaking,….must I go on? But I have narrowed down 5 things to make your day better every single day.

Did I mention that life can be stressful? I think that out of all the adjectives we can apply to life “stressful” is one that affects us all the most.

For the first time in history I think life is more stressful for American people my age (child raising, mortgage paying, working people) than it was for our parents.

The rise of the “convenience” age has actually made life speed up instead of slowing anything down. We no longer have to go to the bank to do business, can get a college degree completely online, – heck. we haven’t had to get off the sofa to change the TV channel in years.

And yet, there’s a general lack of happiness floating through the air. Everyone is carrying around so much anxiety that it is difficult to enjoy even the simplest things.

What we all need is to quit our jobs, take up our favorite hobbies, and relax for the rest of our lives, right? Well, since this is not la la land and that will never happen, let’s focus on what can be done in our present circumstances.

First of all, if your life is not happy, then it is time to change it. I know that can sometimes be difficult to accomplish, but almost every person’s life has some room to begin some changes. If fact, small changes over time can lead to big changes down the road.

Second, stop putting off being happy and start doing it now, even if you HATE your current circumstances. Being happy (to at least some degree) is a habit – like brushing your teeth.

There are lots of things we can do to lift our spirits and make yourself feel better, but here are five I have narrowed down that take almost no effort at all.

5 Things To Make Your Day Better

1. Be Present

This is probably the most important one, and also the one I am most guilty of not doing. It is very easy to live in the past or the future. Sometimes mixture of both. You can’t do anything about yesterday or tomorrow, so just think about today. Pay attention to your breathing and how you feel on the inside, not on the environment outside your body. You are your own island and it’s sunny on your island today.

2. Do Less

Having fewer tasks in your day will make you feel less hurried, and thereby, also less stressed. When you think about it, some of the things on your to do list are probably not as important as others could probably wait or even be eliminated altogether. Go over your list as if you were a stranger on the outside of your life looking in and see if you really need to do each of those tasks.

3. Get One Important Thing Done

This step will help make Step 2 (above) easier. If you get at least one important thing done each day, those things will really add up over time. This will lead to a wonderful feeling of accomplishment because narrowing it down to just one thing each day will force you to focus on what’s important on your list.

4. Declutter

When you declutter your environment, you declutter your heart and soul. I truly believe that. Eliminate all that you can, both physically and mentally, and you will be left with space to breathe and enjoy. Remember, less is more.

5. Hug Someone

Nothing makes me feel better than a big hug from my kids or husband. Human touch has been known to lower blood pressure and slow the pulse. It naturally calms you, which is better than taking medications. Plus it spreads joy to those you live so everyone have a happier day.

In conclusion, we all need to start thinking about being more instead of having more. That’s where true happiness lives.

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