Almased ReviewsAlmased Reviews

I am starting out with my own review, and I hope others will post their experiences here too.

The other day I was perusing a magazine when I saw a full page advertisement for Almased. I had never heard of this product before and it piqued my interest, so I did what I always do – I looked it up on Amazon. I realize that some people pay for good reviews of their products on Amazon, but NO ONE is going to pay for 473 reviews!

I knew I had to try it, but I didn’t want to wait for it to be shipped so I went down to the local GNC store and foolishly paid $10.00 more than it costs on Amazon. (I know that was completely stupid, and I will never do it again!) By the way, Amazon also has free shipping on it.

Almased is a powder that you mix into liquid. Each shake you mix will have 6 to 10 tablespoons of Almased depending on how tall you are. Eighty tablespoons of the product are in each container. It can be mixed into a variety of drinks such as dairy milk, almond milk, etc. However, the insert suggests you mix it into water for quicker results. Most of the reviews I read stated that it had little to no taste and needed something mixed in to make it palatable. I personally LOVE the fact that it is NOT an overly sweet drink. I cannot tolerate extra sweet drinks, especially when I don’t get anything to eat with it. (I have been mixing pumpkin pie seasoning into mine and I think it tastes quite good.)

Almased Ingredients

It has a list of ingredients on the back that goes on for a short mile, but the main ingredients are fermented soy (protein), yogurt (probiotics), and honey (enzymes). It also lists several amino acids that help the weight loss process.

Almased Claims

This product claims to promote healthy levels of certain hormones such as leptin, cortisol, and insulin, which all supposedly contribute to weight loss. Because of this, it is supposed to ramp up your metabolism. The unique blend of this product is also supposed to help you with the yo-yo effect that often comes with dieting.

Almased also claims to make you feel better, have more energy, and strengthen your immune system.

Note: I like the fact that you can slowly step down from each stage and that this is something that I could maintain for the rest of my life if I wanted to. I could literally have 1 to 2 shakes each day for years to come without damaging my health. There is no diet pill like that on the market to my knowledge.

Almased has four phases:

The Start Phase

This should last no longer than two weeks and consists of three shakes a day, plus other liquids for snacks such as vegetable broth. The insert that comes with the Almased stresses that you should only ingest liquids at this time. This supposedly gets your body ready for the Reduction Phase. You should also drink water.

The Reduction Phase

Two meals are replaced with Almased. You are advised to stay away from all fruits as they contain high levels of fructose, which may sabotage your weight loss. This phase should last for 6 weeks or until you reach your goal weight (or close to it).

The Stability Phase

One meal each day is replaced with Almased during this phase. This is supposed to help you avoid the yo-yo effect as well as help you lose a few more pounds at a much slower rate (therefore helping you keep it off).

The Life Phase

You are recommended to have 8 tablespoons each night before bed to ensure your health and weight maintenance.


Almased Reviews –  My Experience


Over the years I have done the yo-yo thing like most other people. I lost a fairly significant amount of weight a couple years ago, but it has slowly creeped back onto my backside (as well as some other places). When I was younger, especially before I had children, I never had any kind of weight problem. After the kids I had fat deposited in areas that had never been there before. That’s my background.

Day 1 – Weight 153.8

I got this product in the afternoon and drank a shake with eight tablespoons of Almased before I read the insert that indicated I should only have 6 tablespoons for my height. That was my afternoon snack. I then proceeded to eat dinner, which I know I wasn’t supposed to do. I had half of a taco salad. At bedtime I drank half shake of Almased (3 tablespoons) because I was trying to make up for the fact that I ate dinner.

Day 2 – Weight 154.0

Today I had to fast for a physical, so I had nothing to eat until after noon. I took a string cheese with me and ate it as soon as I left the doctor’s office. I live about 45 minutes from my doctor and couldn’t mix a drink to take with me (the insert states you should have it fresh). Next, I came home and had my regular shake at snack time. I then had a cup of veggie both. Later, I ate the rest of my taco salad. (Yes, I know, I was a bad girl.)

Day 3 – Weight 151.2

Today I got out of bed and started the diet plan correctly. Although I have to admit that I did put some parmesan chesse and about five turkey pepperonis in my mouth. I get really sick from not eating and that’s a huge challenge for me. It is afternoon right now…..and it’s Friday…..and my husband has already called me about where we are going to eat tonight. It’s going to be a long weekend……

Day 4 – Weight 151.2

Last night I ended up with a very sick child and we all went to the Pastaria for dinner after the somewhat late trip to the clinic. I ate reasonably well considering I am on a diet, but I DID eat regular food. Back on the shakes this morning.

I will post again tomorrow on my progress.

Day 5 – Weight 151.4

Today is Sunday. I fell off the wagon. It’s that simple. I am finding it very difficult to stay on this diet plan as it is so restrictive and my hunger pains over take me, even with the shakes and the broth. I tried mixing in some coffee with a small amount of 1% milk and some honey. Still my stomach was killing me with hunger pains and nausea.

Day 6 – Weight 152.6

I didn’t even try today. I had a lot going on and couldn’t take the time to worry with it.  Not one shake was consumed since I got out of bed, but I may try drinking the shake before bed to get a start for tomorrow. (Although I will  be away from home tomorrow and the next day – just like today, so I will have to decide if I want to try to take the mix with me and prepare it on the go.)

Update: April 10, 2014

I have pretty much given up on Almased. It might work great if a person could get through the initial two weeks of nothing but these shakes and broth, but I can’t. My life is too hectic and I get too sick without any real food. The guy at GNC told me he had a couple customers who swore by it. Maybe it’s just me, but this plan is obviously not for me.

I tried eating one meal a day and just doing shakes the rest of the time, but that still left me sick. Then I tried two meals a day and replacing one meal with a shake, but I couldn’t tell that was making any difference. For this reason, I am giving this product two stars.