Avon Magix Face Perfector Review

Avon Magix Face Perfector Review

Here’s the only thing I have to say about this product: I love it.

In fact, I buy several boxes at a time.

(I try to give impartial reviews, but sometimes it hard.

I originally bought this product because a friend of mine was selling Avon and I bought something mostly to be nice. However, when I browsed through the book this product looked appealing. The low price made it definitely worth trying.

Product Features (According To Company)

  • air-light
  • colorless
  • invisible coverage
  • for all skin tones
  • wear alone or under foundation


My Experience

Avon Magix Face Perfector can be used it with make up or without, but I actually mix it WITH my foundation and then apply them together. It makes the foundation really creamy and gives me extra time to apply it before it sets. The best part is my foundation always looks fabulous!

It only takes a small amount to do the job, and a tub lasts a long time for me (probably around six months) since I don’t wear make-up every day.

I wear a foundation that has SPF made into it, and this product also has an SPF of 20.

When I first bought this product I wanted to get a matte finish to my foundation, help control oil on my face, increase sun protection, and cover imperfections.

This formula is very thick and white, but it rubs into my skin almost like a powder and leaves my skin feeling very soft. It has almost no smell, which I really like. It makes my foundation go look perfectly, helps with imperfection coverage, and increases my sun protection.

(My skin is getting a little dryer as I am getting older, so I’m not sure it this product actually helps with that or not.)

Like I said, I buy multiple boxes of this stuff at a time. I never apply foundation without it.

This has been MY experience, but every person has skin that can respond differently to things.

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