be more instead of having more

Be More Instead of Having More

It’s hard to embrace minimalism or the simple life in many ways.

For example, the other day I decided to look online for a Kavu pack. I had thought about getting one for some time, but didn’t want to pay the price for one and also wasn’t completely sure I would use it that much.

So I sat staring at me computer (off and on) for a couple hours while I deliberated on whether or not to add this item to my closet when I am trying so hard to actually eliminate things instead.

I know I am not the only person who has this problem.

Getting rid of the clutter in your life sounds great until you have to go item by item to make decisions, right? You think you can eliminate about half the stack, but after considering each item you only eliminate about a quarter of it.

One Easy Trick To Cut Clutter Even More

I have one little trick I use on myself (and my husband and kids) that works like a charm. Well, it’s not really a trick actually. But it moves the process along for us and helps us stay of track.

I always tell myself is this:

If I ever need this item again I can always go buy another one!

Duh….I’m sure we all know that, but sometimes I need to remind myself of this.

Sometimes the simplest things make the biggest difference. At least for me.

In a culture that is addicted to “stuff” I find myself being overly materialistic just like everyone else. We were all raised in the same toxic environment of “give me more”.

However, even though my journey has recently begun, I find that I already feel freer just by getting rid of one to two bags of useless stuff each week.

I also feel like I am putting more importance on people and relationships than finding, buying, cleaning, and storing stuff. That makes me a better person in general, and definitely a better wife and mother.

Be More

If you want to be more in life (and I mean “more” in the minimalist way), then you must learn to love people over things. The problem is that most of us already think we do that, even if we don’t.

If asked straight out, most people are NOT going to say, ” I love my things more than my friends and family.” But we all know that many people do. Some people would literally give up their spouse before their lavish home and cars.

You know some of those people. We all do.


You are more than the stuff you own. You are more than what naysayers think of you.

We all want to make a positive impact on the world. We want it to be a better place because we were once here.

Today is a good time to get started making that happen.

So do it today –  be more.

(By the way, I bought the Kavu pack because I realized it fulfilled a need that none of my other bags did. But I got rid of three bags I already had.)