Benefit They're Real MascaraBenefit They’re Real Mascara Review

Benefit They’re Real mascara is the “in” mascara at the moment, so I had to try it. My hairstylist told recommended Christian Dior Addict It Lash Mascara. He said his daughter used it and it was like fake lashes. Whenever I went to find it I actually ended up with They’re Real instead because Addict It was gel based and I have oily skin. (This means my make up doesn’t always stay put.)

I first ordered it from Amazon and never received the product. (Can I give you a piece of advice? ONLY ORDER from Amazon and NOT third party sellers!)

After I sorted that mess out, I decided to make a trip to my local Sephora store and get the mascara.



Benefit They’re Real Mascara has this description on Amazon:

  • A jet-black mascara that lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts, and separates lashes for a spectacular “out-to-here” look.
  • This breakthrough bestseller reveals lashes you never knew you had! The specially designed brush features staggered bristles that grab close to the root, boosting length and volume beyond belief. The custom-domed tip uses precision bristles to lift, define, and curl even your tiniest lashes. With a glossy, jet-black, long-wearing formula, you’ll flaunt luxurious, silky lashes that won’t smudge, clump, or dry out. True story!
  • Go horizontal! The staggered bristles grab close to the root, boosting length and volume. Then go vertical! The custom-domed tip with precision bristles lift, define, and curl even your tiniest lashes.

My Experience

My husband said my lashes were extremely noticeable when I used this mascara. That made me happy. However, I have a list of pros and cons below.


  • Very black color
  • Lengthens
  • Special tip on brush


  • Difficult to remove
  • Flakes after worn a few hours
  • Rubs off on my brow bone

The color is extreme charcoal black, which was exactly what I wanted. I definitely lengthens, but it takes multiple coats. The tip of the brush fans out so you can get to all the smaller lashes, as well as those in the corners.

This stuff is difficult to remove, which would be okay if it stayed in place. However, it flakes over time (see below) and rubs off on my brow bone. (To be fair, several brands of mascara rub off on my brow bone because I have long lashes and oily skin.)

Two coats of this mascara looks okay. Three coats really ramps up your lashes, but when I have three coats it always starts flaking off after a few hours. (It doesn’t flake if I only apply two coats, but my lashes only look so-so.)

My final analysis of this mascara is maybe it’s not for me. I think I will try Addict It and see what I think about it. According to reviews I have read, it is easy to remove since it’s a gel, but that might also make it rub off on my brow even more.

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