The Millionaire Next Door 2The Book That Everyone Should Read

What is the book that everyone should read? What is so important that it would benefit every single person who reads it?

There are lots of books that offer “self help” these days and in the United States alone this is a booming business. The only problem is that most of these books will not change your life….or your general way of thinking.

I know this because I used to be the queen of self help. I have read SO many books, but it seems that most of them have information that I don’t actually incorporate into my daily life.

However, there is one book that made a huge impact on both my short and long term thoughts and decisions….and it’s probably not one that you would not guess. Although it IS a classic.

It’s The Millionaire Next Door . Yes! That’s it. I think everyone (especially those of us living in Western societies) should read this book. It will change the way you  think about money as well as how you The Millionaire Next Doorchoose to spend your money. My husband, who never reads books except those with technical information but lives vicariously through what I read, changed his whole attitude just from the summary of the book that I gave him.                                                                                                                                                                                                     Not only will it change the way you spend your money, it will also make you question the way those around you spend money. It has become sort of a game for us to guess about people. When you read the book you will see what I mean.