Kinky Curly Curling Custard Review

Kinky Curly Curling Custard

There’s not doubt that natural products are in these days, and I am one of the many people experimenting with the different options out there for eliminating chemicals and harmful substances from my daily routine.

I accidentally stumbled across Kinky Curly Curling Custard on Amazon while searching for a natural shampoo and conditioner combo. Of course, the first thing I did was check the reviews. However, Amazon reviews cannot always be trusted these days since people often place false reviews on products to boost sales. I also checked some Youtube reviews. Many people claimed that it gave them waves and/or curls they never had before. I decided to definitely give it a try.

Here are the ingredients: Botanical Infusion Of Water, Horsetail, Chamomile, Nettle And Marshmallow, Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Agave Nectar Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Pectin, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate And Natural Fragrances.

This gel should be applied to soaking wet hair, as with many products intended for curly hair.

First of all, this product is like a slime. I have a difficult time getting the right amount of the product because it slides off my fingertips when I try to dip it out. I kept scooping too much in order to keep it from sliding off, but then I found it is easier for me to scoop it with a spoon and then place it in my hand. Kind of weird, but it works.

Second, the act of working it into my hair was quite a chore.  No matter how much I tried I couldn’t get it to distribute evenly, which was evident after it dried. So I tried mixing it with some leave in conditioner before I applied it. This helped to certain extent, but still not as well as I wanted.

Third, I learned quickly that I was not using enough of this product, so I increased the amount each day for about three days. I never got the even smooth curls that others seem to get. Instead, I got some wet looking curls with flyaway frizzes here and there. (I know this sounds like I still didn’t distribute the product, but I worked on it FOREVER!)

Now, I have used many products that left crunchy curls when dry. I am well aware of how scrunch the hair to get nice soft curls afterward. However, I could never get the crunchy look out of my hair with Kinky Curly Curling Custard.

After about a week of having terrible hair, I finally decided it just was not the product for me. It just looked too messy and unfixed.  I have no doubt that some other people have wonderful results from this product, but my search for perfect curls continues. So sad…….

Hope this review helps you!

Silk 18 Review (Maple Holistics)

The time has come for me to do a Silk 18 review.

I have tried so many shampoos and conditioners over the years. Many of them were not even worth mentioning on this blog. However, I have been reading about Silk 18 for awhile (especially in the reviews on Amazon) and just never tried it. Well, that all changed this week. I was SO excited when my Amazon order arrived yesterday!

Maple Holistics makes the Silk 18 products, along with several other naturally derived products. (Disclaimer: I have NOT researched each ingredient in these products.) Curiously, the conditioner was in a box, but the bottle of shampoo was not. No idea why.

I actually ordered the shampoo, conditioner, and hair get. However, I decided to try the shampoo and conditioner by themselves to better assess them. I will review the gel, called Assuage, later.

So here is my review:

I tried the shampoo and conditioner together. Both have a nice, vanilla scent that is not overpowering.


  1. I found that the shampoo did not lather very well. I know this does not matter to most people, but for some reason I can’t quite let go of needing the lather to feel like my hair is clean.
  2. Because it did not lather well, it also didn’t spread well on my hair so I had to use more shampoo than usual in order to cover all of my hair.
  3. It rinsed easily from my hair (which is quite long).
  4. Left my hair feeling matted and not smooth at all.

At this point I was very pessimistic about the outcome of this product. In the past I have not had good results from any product that “matted” my hair. However, I trudged on and finished with the conditioner.


  1. I immediately saw that I needed more conditioner than usual. I don’t consider these products to be especially cheap, so I started out with a smaller amount but ended up using about twice as much to get coverage.
  2. Then I clipped my hair up and allowed the conditioner to sit on my hair while I finished my shower routine.
  3. After I rinsed my hair I saw that my hair felt much less matted, but it still didn’t have the slick feeling I expected.
  4. I proceeded to towel dry my hair and then add my usual styling products.
  5. Today was a hot roller day, so I started by drying my hair with a blow dryer. (I do this is spurts while allowing it to air dry in between.)
  6. This was when I saw a difference. While my hair still had some frizz, it was CONSIDERABLY less frizzy than usual.  This made my hair hang much nicer, of course.
  7. I rolled my hair on 2″ rollers as usual and also saw that it laid better after I took it down.
  8. It was easy to style my hair with my fingers and a pick.
  9. I finished with a spritz of hairspray on the crown (because my hair likes to un-part itself…is that a word?)
  10. I DID NOT apply any defrizzing finishing oil because I wanted to see how my hair would survive without it.

It was just before 7:00 this morning when I styled my hair. It is now 10:30 and I can report that my hair is nice and smooth, but is still holding some bounce. I am quite happy with it.

Now, usually I apply finishing oil right after I style my hair, then I reapply a couple times a day to keep down frizzies. So far today, I have not touched the stuff. I hope this trend continues till the end of the day.

However, when I do use finishing oil, here is the one I love! (I carry a small one in my purse.)

I hope this shampoo and conditioner combo will perform even better over time and repeated uses. I will update this post down the line.

Want to try these products for yourself? Click here to see them on Amazon.

If you have tried one or both of these products, please comment on your experience below.




The Correct Way To Apply Mascara

The Correct Way To Apply Mascara The Correct Way To Apply Mascara

Everyone know how to apply mascara, right? I mean, we have all been doing it since we played in our mothers’ make up bag when we were five.

However, as we all know, applying make up is both an art and a science. So I decided it was time we all had a good tutorial. And guess what? I had some difficulty finding a good one. (When I clicked most links I was taken to advertisements instead of information.)

The following information came from and covers the basics. Hope you enlightens you!

1. Always curl your lashes. This is the most important step because it really changes the way your lashes look—with mascara and without. (Quick Tip: Run your eyelash curler under hot water or blast with the blow dryer for a few seconds to heat it up. This will help hold the curl. Just be sure to test the temperature on your hand before you hold the curler up to your eye.)


2. Apply mascara to your bottom lashes first. If you’ve ever ended up with mascara dotted on your eyelid, you know the importance of the bottom first technique. Brush the wand down your eyelashes, being careful not to touch the brush to your eye.


3. Now for the top eyelashes. Start as close to lash line as possible, and looking down, place the brush against your lashes. Give it a quarter turn so the brush can really grab the lashes and coat them completely. Then wiggle the wand back and forth up the length of your eyelashes. Repeat. Allow the mascara to dry between each coat.

Expert Tip: For lush lashes, LA-based Makeup Artist Elle Leary likes to use a lengthening formula first and then a volumizing mascara for the second coat.


Stay Beautiful – Inside and Out!

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Best Tweezers To Buy (Tweezerman Tweezers)

Tweezerman TweezersBest Tweezers To Buy (Tweezerman Tweezers Review)

Tweezers are one of the basic tools that every girl needs, and choosing the right tweezers can save you lots of time and frustration. Like most women I went through many different ones before I found what really worked for me.

I have the red version, which makes them easy to find if I misplace them (which I do quite a lot). There are many other colors available. I love this product because it simply works. I don’t know why other companies bother to make tweezers that won’t even hold a piece of hair. It’s such a simple little tool that I don’t understand why they don’t just reshape the tips so consumers don’t have to waste their money.

My assessment of Tweezerman Tweezers:

  1. Easy to grip in hand (not too large, not too small)
  2. Keeps hair securely between tips
  3. Worth the price because I stopped spending money on other tweezers


Here’s the description on Amazon:

  • Perfectly aligned tips
  • Tips are hand filed
  • Lifetime sharpening guarantee
  • Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval

There’s really nothing more to say about this product. I like it. I recommend it.

Stay Beautiful – Inside and Out!

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How To Get Perfect Eyebrows

How To Get Perfect Eyebrows

How To Get Perfect Eyebrows

Your eyebrows can make or break your face. We have all seen people who have eyebrows that catch your eye…in the wrong way. Here are three tips to make your eyebrows enhance your beauty (not take away from it):

1. Don’t over pluck your brows.

Don’t under pluck them either, for that matter. A natural looking brow is always more flattering, so make sure you leave your natural brow line and arch. Not sure how to do that? You can always get a professional waxing in order to get the shape you want, then maintain your brows at home afterward.

2. Don’t go overboard with the brow liner.

In fact, it is okay to only fill out thin areas without penciling in the whole brow. (Turn the pencil sideways to get a smooth application without that “hard line” look.) Also, pick a shade that is slightly darker than your natural brow color. Some professionals recommend mixing the chosen color with a grey pencil for a more natural look, but I personally never liked that look on myself.

3. Keep your brows in place.

There are products you can buy to brush through your brows that keep them in place once you get them perfect, but here’s a much cheaper fix. Spray some hairspray on an old toothbrush and sweep it through your brows. It sets them instantly, and you don’t have to worry about another product in your make up bag getting old and having to throw it away.

There you have it – how to get perfect brows. Hope you learned a trick or two that will be helpful to you!

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How To Get Perfect Eyeliner

How To Get Perfect EyelinerHow To Get Perfect Eyeliner

Here is the secret of how to getting perfect eyeliner.

1. Apply a small amount of concealer to your eyelid before applying your eyeliner.

This works especially well if you are applying liquid eyeliner, but will help you out with pencil liner too. It will smooth the eyelid and give you a nice surface to work with. Your eyeliner applicator will not skip and pull on your eyelid, and the whole the process is just easier.

2. Another tip is to start at the inner corner of your eye and apply eyeliner only as far as the middle of the lid. Then start again in the outer corner, working to the middle as well.

This helps eliminate the wrinkle in the skin of your eyelid and allows for a smoother line.

Want to know how to get perfect eyeliner another way?……Practice!

Practice, practice, practice!

Stay Beautiful – Inside and Out!

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