Romantic Valentine Ideas – Do Something Different This Year

Romantic Valentine Ideas

Romantic Valentine Ideas

Love is in the air again. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s time to show your sweetheart how much they light your fire. You can always go for the traditional flowers/candy/dinner out combination. It’s hard to go wrong with that. Or you can opt for something a little different. I personally enjoy thinking outside the box.

I decided to scour the Internet for some good ideas and share them with everyone. I have done the work for you.

Just choose, point and click.

I have broken everything down into three categories: For Girls, For Guys, and For Everyone.

First, I am really big on ideas that take a little creativity and effort. This is especially true when guys are doing something for girls.

To us effort = love. (That’s a good thing to remember, guys.)

Romantic Valentine Ideas For Girls

Here are some ideas that will get you mega points with your girl:

Let me say one thing before we start. Presentation is everything. If you buy her something nice be sure to package it nicely. It only takes a minute and it has lots more impact than handing her a bag with the store logo on it. Take the time to drop the gift into a pretty gift bag or have it wrapped at the store.

Also, if you bring home food (see below) don’t serve it in take out containers. I know it wouldn’t matter to you, but it DOES matter to HER. Remember: effort = love.

1. Go around to multiple restaurants and buy her favorite thing at each one. For example, get her favorite appetizer at one restaurant, her favorite entree at another, bread at another, drink at another, dessert at yet another. (Get something for yourself too.) Bring it all home and set it up in nice dishes with candlelight and some soft background music. A nice rose beside her plate will top it all off nicely. She will melt into a puddle right beside you.

2. This is a variation on number 1 above. Instead of putting together a whole meal, go to a variety of different restaurants and just get her favorite dessert at each one. Remember to set it up nicely when you get home. You can do it as listed above in number 1 or you can also serve it to her in bed with a rose and some candles. (This would be especially nice after a hot bubble bath you ran for her with rose petals and more candles.

Personalization Mallicon is a great place to find something customized just for her. You can even get her name on any item for free.

Romantic Valentine Ideas For Him

These ideas will endear him to you even more than before:

1. By far the most sought after gift for all men is a coupon book. This can be homemade, although I have seen them for sale before. The advantage of a homemade coupon book is that you can customize it. It can be as racy as you want it to be (or not be). Guys like the thought of having free reign (i.e. the ability to cash a coupon in whenever they feel like it.) You can also include things like go fishing with them, go to the races, etc. Have fun with it and be sure you put things in there to make HIM happy.

2. Guys are always into their lineage (especially if they have kids) so I thought a good gift for them that’s a little different is a family tree. You can go to Family Echo and make one for free. You don’t even have to register. Just put in your information in and the site builds it for you. Pop it in a frame and you have a one of a kind gift.

Of course, guys always like tickets to events.

(And it’s all about getting something they will enjoy, right? Guys don’t enjoy pink teddy bears – no matter what the holiday.)


Romantic Valentine Ideas For Everyone

Here are some ideas for anyone, male or female:

I am a huge fan of subscriptions. I like to put magazine subscriptions in my kids’ stockings at Christmas, and they are thrilled because they get the thrill of receiving new magazines for a whole year. It gives them something to look forward to and it stretches the gift receiving experience out for them.

For this reason I am including a link to Clubs of America below. You can choose from tons of different delivery options. Some items you can choose from are chocolate, flowers, cigars, fruit, beer, wine, etc. I know it sounds a little hokey, but isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?

Clubs of America - Great Gift Ideas!



 Who doesn’t love M&M’s?

 Vday 15%


(UPDATE: I put this up as the Tip of the Day today, but I liked it so much I decided to include it here.)

 Buy a frame that displays two pictures side by side. Then find a baby picture for you and one for your partner for the frame. Girls would especially like to receive this gift.

Hope this has inspired you. I will continue searching for creative ideas and update this article if I find some that are good.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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How To Show Love To Your Wife (How To Hit a Homerun!)

How to show love to your wife? This is not as difficult as some men make it. Time and attention covers about ninety percent of what she needs and wants from you. Let me give you a personal example.

The other day my husband called me on his way home from work (as usual) and we discussed our plans for the evening. His exact words were, “I’m stopping to pick up some milk, then I’m coming home to pay attention to you.”


And I told him so. I ALWAYS tell him when says or does the right thing. Especially when it’s EXACTLY the right thing.

He’s learning. You would think he’d be an expert on how to keep a woman happy at this point, wouldn’t you? After all, I am the creator of this site and I constantly spout off advice for other men to follow.

But it turns out that he’s human like everyone else. We all need a little help now and then. Even I have some “off” days.

But here’s my point. When he informed me that he was going to come home and pay attention to me, I felt happy, loved, appreciated, adored, important, warm and fuzzy…all at the same time. Letting me know this was his intention did not take away from it – on the contrary, it made it into a “thing” or an activity to look forward to. The anticipation of it was half the fun.

You know how guys look forward to sex when they know for sure it is going to happen? Same thing.

That simple comment he made turned my whole day around. My day wasn’t totally bad to begin with, but he made it MUCH better.

You know, I have lots of articles on this site and many of them deal with how men can make women happy. Sometimes it feels like I am rewriting the same article over and over because I am always saying the same thing:


This is what women have wanted since the beginning of time, and it’s what we will want till the end of time.

But we are not complete attention hogs. We do not want attention from everyone, only from our guys. Maybe I am a little spoiled. I was an only child and my dad was very attentive to my mother and me. He always noticed what we wore, how we fixed our hair, etc. And he always complimented us on it.

I remember going shopping with my mom. We would always come home and lay out everything we bought to show him. Sometimes we even modeled it for him. He was interested in what we had going on and that made us feel special.

Now, when I go shopping my husband has to sit through my parade of items and pretend he is interested in what I bought because I NEED him to give me that positive feedback. Luckily, he understands this and does it with a smile.

(By the way, he makes sure to show me he’s engaged in what we are doing my making comments about my purchases. And I show my appreciation for his attention by not dragging the process out forever.)

It’s a win/win situation for everyone because I am thrilled and he is earning points with me (figuratively speaking).

So how to show love to your wife? Give her quality time with your undivided attention. Block off time in your planner if you have to. This will make her feel important to you.

You spend time on things that are important to you, right? Sometimes it is a good idea to take stock of how you spend your time. Do you spend enough time with her now? How much time is spent at work or with your buddies? So how much time do you spend with your wife (and I’m talking about quality time here)?

Okay, let’s say you just evaluated the current amount of time you allot for your wife and decided it was lacking. Let’s see how we can take care of the common problems men have getting in that quality time.

We Don’t Like To Do the Same Things

Easy. Take up a new hobby that both of you will enjoy. You might have to try a few different things before you find the right fit, but think of it as an adventure! Trying new things is fun. Let’s say you like riding motorcycles and she likes traveling to see new things. You can take your Harley on a road trip to see the national forests. It’s a win/win situation. If you put two adult brains together you can come with endless ideas.

My Friends Will Think I’m a Wimp

Oh, grow up! Your friends don’t keep you warm at night, she does (or she will if you will be nice to her). Besides, real men take care of their families, not their friends.

I Don’t Have Time

I am going to assume that most men with this problem fall into the “too much time at work” category. Okay, let’s evaluate. What would hurt most: losing your job or losing your wife? There’s your answer.

Consider your options. Change positions, change companies, change careers – there are always alternatives when you are willing to consider them. If none of the above are possible for you, then find another way to carve out time for her. Give up some sleep time if you have to, but find time for her or one day she will have NO TIME FOR YOU.

She Doesn’t Want To Spend Time With Me

This is the most difficult one to overcome. If you are at this point, then you will need to make some special effort to get back in her good graces. It doesn’t matter how you got there or whose fault it is. You can be the one to initiate the solution.

It’s time to sit down and have a good heart to heart talk. (Something as simple as printing this article and telling her you want to try some of this stuff will probably get things rolling.) If she is shut down and doesn’t want to talk to you, then ask her point blank what you can do to make her want to talk to you about it. (It might also be a good time to get some marriage counseling. Don’t feel bad about it. More people go to counseling than you think.)

Another great idea is to present her with a tool that shows you are ready to fix the problems in your relationship. Then you should follow through by using this tool together. Here are a some suggestions to get you started.

How to show love to your wife? Prove to her that she’s worth the time and effort!

Okay, guys. Now go show your girl how much you love her!

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Sweet Things To Do For Your Partner – The Points Calendar (50 Tips)

So on the old site (when it was just for husbands) we had this thing called the “Points Calendar”. This was an actual calendar that guys could print off and use all month. Each day had one idea for something nice they could do for their wives. The idea being that if you do just one small thing for your wife each day, it would really add up over weeks, months, and even years.

I have decided to revise the format of the original calendar and instead publish a list of 50 ideas that you can pick and choose from, then add them to your own calendar as meets your particular needs. This will be more user friendly, especially since this site now caters to both guys and girls. I encourage any feedback concerning this new format.

Now, don’t feel discouraged if you cannot integrate something every single day. Start out with one each week, then add more if and when you can.

So here’s the list (feel free to get creative and come up with your own as well):

1. Start 30 Days of Gratitude

2. Rent a movie you know he/she really wants to see

3. Send him/her on a night out with friends

4. Give him/her a nice card for no reason at all

5. Take him/her out for their favorite dessert after dinner

6. Send a text that reads: You make my life incredible!

7. Give him/her a back massage

8. Go for a walk with him/her and hold hands

9. Leave him/her a sweet note in car/on mirror

10. Do something nice for his/her parents

11. Fix a candlelight dinner (put takeout on nice plates if you can’t cook)

12. Organize bills with him/her

13. Bathe the kids/animals by yourself

14. Send him/her flowers or balloons to work

15. Run all the errands that need to be done

16. Ask what his/her dreams are for the next 10 years

17. Plan your next vacation together

18. Get tickets for his/her favorite band

19. Takes kids out for a couple hours and give him/her some alone time

20. Enjoy the stars together with some hot chocolate and a blanket

21. Take him/her of a surprise picnic

22. Take the day off work & spend it together for no reason

23. Take a shower or bath together

24. Send him/her an email: You are the most amazing man/woman in the world

25. Let him/her pick what you will do together all day on Saturday

26. Buy something he/she really wants

27. Find his/her best friend from high school & set up a reunion

28. Surprise him/her with a new hobby you can do together

29. Get a new pet

30. Get his/her rings and/or watch professionally cleaned

31. Fix his/her favorite recipe from childhood

32. Have the kids make a card or home movie for him/her

33. Bring home a giant cookie that reads: I Love You!

34. Write something nice about him/her on their calendar

35. Start introducing them as: my incredible husband/wife etc

36. Arrange for his/her best friend to take them to the movies

37. Plan a surprise party for his/her birthday

38. Get a joint membership for the gym (and use it)

39. Walk the dogs together

40. Volunteer for a worthy cause together

41. Learn how to make his/her favorite mixed drink
42. Make him/her a CD of romantic or favorite songs

43. Copy a nice poem or write your own for him/her

44. Completely clean his/her vehicle inside & out (or have it done)

45. Go dancing

46. Go on a double date with another couple (get a sitter if you have kids)

47. Throw a “surprise” party for him/her that’s just the two of you

48. Do some task that he/she hates to do like clean the bathroom or take car for oil change

49. Buy him/her a box DVD box set of favorite TV show

50. Put an anniversary ad in your local newspaper for him/her

These are some ideas to get you started. You can customize your list as fits your needs and interests. Remember, you get out of your relationship what you put into it. As you do more thoughtful things for your partner, you will probably notice them starting to do more for you too.

One last note: BE SURE to write these on your planner or put them into whatever device you use to keep up with things. If you don’t, you will be less likely to do them.

Now, go make your partner happy!

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