Clear Nail

Toenail fungus is an enemy that I know well. (See previous post here.) After an initial issue with it several years ago, I seem to have it on at least one toenail almost all of the time now.

I have found that I have some circulation problems which I believe have contributed to this problem, so at this point I wish I could forget I even have toes. Although I have recently purchased some compression socks to help with the circulation problems, and found to my surprise that I actually enjoy wearing them. They feel great!

However, the toenail fungus continues to plague me.

With that being said, I have found a couple things to do that usually render the best results for me personally. Obviously, toenail fungus treatments work better for some people than others, as with all medical treatments. But over the last few years I have realized that I always come back to Clear Nail no matter what else I try.

Here is my current treatment and routine:

  1. File the nail back to basically nothing.
  2. Use Clear Nail liberally.

Let me be clear about this – Clear Nail DOES NOT cure toenail fungus. No matter how you treat it, the affected nail must grow out. However, it definitely slows down the growth for me. So the combination of removing the affected area and using this topical treatment, I am able to eventually cure it each time it shows up.

Here is exactly what I do:

Step 1: Use an emory board to file away any affected nail and also get a nice porous top layer on the nail.

Step 2: Take a shower or bath and use lots of soap to wash feet.

Step 3: Dry feet completely.

Step 4: Apply a liberal amount of Clear Nail. The previous filing will allow the medication to absorb deep into the nail.

Step 5: Wait until nail is completely dry, then put on socks and/or shoes.

Notes: I do this every morning and every evening. Also, I always sleep in socks so I don’t accidentally contaminate our bed sheets and spread it to other toes (or to my hubby). Lastly, any time you clip that nail, be sure to either throw the clippers away or run them through the dishwasher on the hottest setting.

If this helps even one person, this post will be worth it!

Note: I have never tried the laser treatment for nail fungus because I read many places that it mostly didn’t work. However, I recently came across this article that explains a new laser that supposedly shows more promise.