Clinique Eye Cream Review (Repairwear Intensive Eye Cream)Clinique Repaiwear Intensive Eye Cream

I love Clinique products. Anyone who reads this blog knows that I use several of their products on a regular basis. The price is decent and the products usually work well.

So how does this eye cream hold up?

Well, I like it. I have been using it every night for some time now. I originally tried it when I got a sample during Clinique bonus days at Belk. I was immediately hooked. It seems to brighten my eye area when I get up in the morning. I usually only use it at night and on days that I won’t be wearing any make up. (Wearing anything like that under my foundation tends to make my mascara and eyeliner smudge.)

I especially like the effects of this eye cream during the winter time when my skin dries out to some degree and I get that dried, “crinkly” look under my eyes. This cream softens up the look of my skin, which makes me look younger.

It is white and has a creamy texture. When I apply it on my skin, I use a liberal amount and don’t rub it in completely. Then I go about the rest of my routine and allow it to soak in. It feels like I am giving my skin a “drink”.

I give this product five stars because it gives almost immediate results.

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Note: Don’t forget to apply your eye cream on your WHOLE eye area, including the brow. This helps your skin not droop and give you the hooded eye look.

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