Colora Henna Powder Review

Just Jaivik Versus Colora Henna Powder Review

Since I have decided to go minimalist I have also started leaning more and more toward natural cosmetics and personal care products. This Just Jaivik Versus Colora Henna Powder review is the result of trying both brands of henna and figuring out why people are either a henna person or they’re not.

First, I used to be a redhead for many years, but as any pretend redhead knows, it takes a lot of work to maintain red color on your hair. It fades quickly and constantly, which is bad for someone like me know must shampoo every day.

The first henna I tried was Just Jaivik. Since I had never used henna before I had to get used to the gritty consistency and the massive amount of time it took to wash it our of my hair. There is also a catch when it comes to henna. Over time it is supposed to make your hair silkier and less frizzy. But when you first apply henna it actually makes your hair like dry doll hair, at least for many of us.

I read extensively online before I attempted any application and found that I should mix coconut oil (or some other equivalent) into the henna mixture before applying to my hair. I also learned that I should buy a large bottle of conditioner and use it to repeatedly rinse my hair when washing it out.

That was well and good, but Just Jaivik also has some negatives:

Just Jaivik Versus Colora Henna Powder ReviewThe Good

  • Reasonably good color
  • Comes in a fairly large quantity
  • Can measure as much or little as you need

The Bad

  • must sit for several hours after mixed before applied to hair
  • must stay on your hair several hours to get deep color
  • Extremely difficult to wash out


I decided to purchase another brand and came across Colora Henna Powder. There were lots of glowing reviews on Amazon, so I gave it a try. I must say I was much happier with this one.

The Good

  • No waiting time after mixed
  • After applied can get desired color in 1 hour (although I usually do 2)
  • Easier to wash out
  • Deeper red color than Just Jaivik

The Bad

  • Comes i smaller amounts (but can still be measured)
  • Can’t go by mixing directions (it will be WAY too thick)

After you work with henna for a while you learn that mixing directions are just a suggestion. You must work to get the right consistency for you. I also add grape seed oil instead of coconut oil sometimes. In fact, I have only used henna approximately 5 times so far, so I am still learning myself.

In conclusion, either henna will dye your hair, but the biggest concern is the amount of work involved. (Although I personally prefer the deeper color of the Colora brand.