Conair Curl Fusion Review

Conair Curl Fusion Hair Dryer Review

I just got this hair dryer for Christmas. I wanted it desperately after reading the reviews on Amazon and deciding it was a better choice for me than the Bed Head CurliPops dryer. So here is my Donair Curl Fusion Hair Dryer Review.

I wanted a non-frizzy hair style, obviously, but I also liked the idea of not having a long barrel on the dryer. Holding my current dryer out from my head mad my arms tired, especially when I added the huge diffuser.

So how did it work?

Well, the first time or two I used it I was fairly happy, but over time I decided it wasn’t the right hair dryer for me.

First of all, my hair started being more frizzy than usual. At first, I figured it was my choice of products. (I frequently change that up.) But after lots of experimenting and going back to old ones, I realized that was not the problem. So this morning I got out my older, huge, clunky hair dryer – and voila – frizz was suddenly under control.

That was enough for me to decide if I liked it, but there also other problems. The cord is too short. That was the first thing I noticed when I unboxed it.

Also, the “fingers” on the diffuser are longer in the middle and shorter on the outside edges. Because of this, only the middle ones touch my head when I am attempting to dry my hair. The outer ones never touch at all. This causes me to get very little benefit from the them and it is harder to get volume.

Lastly, it only has one heat setting (plus cool button). I usually don’t go for the highest heat setting anyway, but something about this particular temperature and fan combination causes an overabundance of frizz for me. I can actually see the individual strands frizzing up as I am drying my hair.

(That’s a horrible feeling!!!)

So below is my overall assessment of the Conair Curl Fusion Hair Dryer.

The Good:

  • Fairly small for a hair dryer
  • Lightweight
  • Pretty color
  • Not super loud
  • Two speed settings
  • Cool button

The Bad:

  • Frizzes my hair more than most dryers
  • Cord is shorter than most dyers
  • Diffuser is strange shape
  • Only one heat setting

Because of all this, I must give it one star (which I rarely give to any product).

This hair dryer might work great for others, but it was a disaster for me. Hope this helps you make an informed decision.