Daily Lessons In Minimalism & Happiness

Daily Lessons In Minimalism & Happiness

Minimalism is not a one time decision. Once you decide to simplify your life there will be ongoing decisions, just like any other lifestyle.

After all, minimalism is really just a process to help you see what makes you happy in life, and then to make the decision to pursue those things.

One of those decisions should be to learn something new every day. Lessons in minimalism are everywhere if we are just willing to see them.

For example, lots of people dream of selling everything they own and moving to a tropical island (although few people ever actually do that). But the question is this: what exactly makes that lifestyle so appealing?

Could it be:

  • fewer responsibilities?
  • more free time?
  • slower lifestyle?
  • less “stuff” to clutter the home?

Wow, that sounds suspiciously like….you guessed it…..minimalism!

Lessons in Minimalism Can Be Difficult

But minimalism is supposed to be easy, right?

Well, yes, once you get going. But when you are making some tough decisions such as whether or not sell your home, or move, or downgrade your vehicle……the list goes on…..those times can be a little stressing.

Until you make your decisions and see how much better your life can be.

You know, those decisions ALWAYS look easier when someone else is making them.

The good news is that the more stressed out you are when you decide to embrace minimalism, the easier it will be to part with things because at that point you have just had it. Change is definitely needed.

Finally, you learn that if something you are doing is not working, you need to try something else.

Then you continue to learn something new that helps you grow everyday in this new lifestyle. The following was taken from the Lifehack website (I just LOVE that site). Take the time really think about each item on this list and incorporate it into your daily life:

So ask yourself everyday, “What have I learned?”

This simple question will help you:

  • Have a focus on growth and self-transformation rather than seeing yourself as a finished product.
  • Allow you to keep evolving as we are all works in progress
  • Help you find lessons from everything you experience
  • Make the best out of things and grow from the most difficult of circumstances
  • Think of how you can make something positive come from a difficult lesson, even if this is one lesson you could do without learning!
  • Make peace with the fact that sometimes you are on the “fast track” and other times you might feel more in the “remedial class” of life. We all learn at different rates. and the best part is – in the school of life there is no such thing as “staying back” even if you experience failure.
  • Will help you focus on moving on a in a positive direction instead of measuring how far you “should have” come already.
  • Make peace with the fact that sometimes lessons are learned the hard way.

Taken from the Lifehack website. Click here to read the entire article.

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