Flexitol Heel Balm ReviewsFlexitol Heel Balm Reviews

Flexitol Heel Balm is a product that contains synthetic urea (not the kind in your urine), which is known to hydrate skin and eat away dead skin cells.

If you are like me, then you will try just about anything to get soft, crack-free feet. I have tried lots of products over the years and recently I added this product to my arsenal.

I find most of these products to work okay, but not great. Apparently, I was cursed by my genes because worse than normal cracked heel seem to run in my family. (Thanks, Mom!) So I am fairly sure I will be keeping these companies in business for the rest of my life.

But I digress……the directions state you should use this product twice a day until you get the desired results, then use it as needed to maintain your skin.

Most Flexitol Heel Balm Reviews are only trying to sell you the product. But this is my true and honest review of the product.

My Experience

I purchased this product along with Kerasal One Step Exfoliating Moisturizer Therapy, but I decided to try Flexitol Heel Balm first.

My first thought about this product was the smell! I found it to smell really, really bad. However, seeing as how it goes on your feet, you don’t really have to smell it that much. Once I rubbed it in I forgot about it. At night I also put socks on, which helped mask the smell.

Was it effective? Actually, yes, it was. I used a pumice stone to remove all the rough skin that I could. However, there was still some rough skin visable (you can only go so deep with a file or stone before you hit healthy skin and cause pain). After using this lotion for about a week there was absolutely NO dry skin on my feet.

Also, you know how even when you take the rough skin off your feet you still have the “crack” lines on your heels (even if they are not rough anymore)? Well, after about a ten days those “cracks” were gone. You could still see little lines (like the other lines on the bottom of my feet), but that was all.

So, here’s my final analysis. I DO like this product. However, I had some little places on my feet that turned out to be corns. And while I WOULD purchase this product again if I couldn’t find something better, Kerasal One Step Exfoliating Moisturizer Therapy actually dissolved the corns AND it smelled better.

But if you are one of those girls who prefers a lotion to an ointment, you might be happier with Flexitol.

This was MY experience, and everyone’s skin is different. Your experience could be totally different.

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