Generosity Day Valentine's DayGenerosity Day is a new movement underway to overhaul Valentine’s Day. It’s a sort of fix for it.

“I didn’t know it was broken,” you say.

Well, I didn’t either – at first. But when you think about it, it sort of makes sense. Valentine’s Day really is about more than just romantic love. It’s about caring for all those around us and mankind general. In this world where every holiday has become a consumer buying frenzy and contest to see who gives and gets the most extravagant gifts, Generosity Day brings the holiday back down to earth. It makes the word “love” mean something again. It challenges us to do things for people instead of just throwing money at them.

After the fall of our economy recently, a lot of people reexamined their priorities in life and reordered their lives accordingly. Generosity Day is a direct reflection of those changes.

I know I would rather have time and attention from my husband than an expensive gift any day of the week. Most people feel the same way. Parents, children, friends….even strangers, just need a little caring and love thrown their way.

It doesn’t take much to brighten someone’s day. So here are some ways you can touch lots of lives tomorrow with very little effort on your part:Generosity Day Valentine's Day 2

1. Carry around some heart shaped candy and give a piece to everyone you come in contact with. Then say Happy Generosity Day (of Happy Valentine’s Day if you prefer). Even if they don’t eat the candy, they will appreciate the gesture.

2. Go to a nursing home or retirement center and do the same as Number 1 above. Words can’t express what a difference that would make for some of the residents.

3. Call up an three old friends you have lost touch with and make a plan to get together for dinner.

4. Serve a meal at a homeless shelter and give each person there a small Valentines’ Day treat. (It might be the only thing they get for the holiday.)

5. Everyone has a friend or family member who is struglling in some way. Call that person up and offer to help them in whatever way they need. Maybe they need a shoulder to cry on or maybe they need babysitter for an evening. When people are down even the smallest help is greatly appreciated.

Happy Generosity Day (or Happy Valentine’s Day) to everyone!

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