Gycolic Acid Peel ReviewsGlycolic Acid Peel Reviews have become all the rage for those of us who want to turn back the clock on signs of aging, but can’t have a lot of downtime as a professional peel often demands.

(Who wants to walk their kids into school looking like a bizarre circus side show?)

Like everyone else, I want results without that huge price tag as well. So when I decided to try an at home peel, I did some research.

There are several different types of peels: glycolic, lactic, and salicylic are the most common. After I looked up information on them and read many, many reviews I chose to try the glycolic peel because it was a good choice for overall skin improvement.

I chose the 35% because it was a good, entry level peel (it’s Level 1) and your skin has to get accustomed to the acid before you can move up to a stronger version.

The directions say to wash your face and dry it thoroughly. It also states that for maximum benefits from the peel you can apply alcohol to your face and allow it to dry before applying the peel. You should then apply the peel onto your face using a cotton pad, Q tip or your fingers. The first time you try this product you should only leave it on your skin for one minutes in order to see how your skin will tolerate the product. The maximum time to leave it on your face is eight minutes.

After the peel time is complete, you can then wash your face thoroughly with water. You can also apply a solution of water and baking soda if the irritation afterwards is uncomfortable for you. (They do not sell expensive neutralizers on their website and state that those are not necessary.)

My Experience

The product arrived in a glass bottle and had a slight smell that was not unpleasant. I followed the instructions exactly for the first application. I did not use alcohol the first time and I only left it on my face for one minute. (It burned a little, but couldn’t really tell I had done anything to my face.)

I waited almost a week, then I applied the peel again using alcohol first and leaving it on my face for five minutes. After that application I have used the product every week (except for a couple times when I forgot) and have left it on for the full eight minutes. (Finally had some real burning, so I was excited!)

After the first full eight minute application I could definitely tell a difference in my skin the next day. I applied foundation to my skin and stood there in awe of how smoothly my make up went on. My face looked smooth and glowing. Over time I have seen a decrease in the imperfections on my face. These included a couple small, barely noticeable scars on my forehead and upper lip and a small scar from chicken pox when I was a baby.

I had also developed a few small places on my face that my dermatologist said had developed from having too much oil in my skin over the years. She prescribed Retin-A, but said that did not always work and that I might have to come back into the office for a procedure to get rid of them. I tried the glycolic peel instead, and over time they have shrunk significantly.

I have found it necessary to use the homemade neutralizer on my face because I can’t make it stop burning after treatment. Once I did not wash the peel off as thoroughly as I thought and it left red places on my nose and cheeks. (Basically, it ate through a few layers of my skin.) I started using the neutralizer after that.

The company states that you will probably not notice the peeling because it is so gradual. This was true for me, except I sometimes get a very fine amount of peeling over my lips.

Overall, I have been very happy with the results. I plan to order Level 2 of this peel when I finish the bottle I am currently using. I expect even better results with the next solution.

Note: The product information states that you get about 15 applications in a bottle, but mine has lasted longer than that even though I am covering my face thoroughly.

This has been MY experience, but every person has skin that can respond differently to things.

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