How To Get Perfect EyelinerHow To Get Perfect Eyeliner

Here is the secret of how to getting perfect eyeliner.

1. Apply a small amount of concealer to your eyelid before applying your eyeliner.

This works especially well if you are applying liquid eyeliner, but will help you out with pencil liner too. It will smooth the eyelid and give you a nice surface to work with. Your eyeliner applicator will not skip and pull on your eyelid, and the whole the process is just easier.

2. Another tip is to start at the inner corner of your eye and apply eyeliner only as far as the middle of the lid. Then start again in the outer corner, working to the middle as well.

This helps eliminate the wrinkle in the skin of your eyelid and allows for a smoother line.

Want to know how to get perfect eyeliner another way?……Practice!

Practice, practice, practice!

Stay Beautiful – Inside and Out!

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