How To Better Yourself

How To Better Yourself

How to better yourself – everyone seems be asking this question these days. All the self-help gurus claim to have the answer (and maybe some do) but I don’t think you need to spend thousands of dollars to attend hyped up programs in order to better yourself.

When most people talk about bettering themselves, what they usually mean is bettering their circumstances. We work on ourselves in order to have a better outcome of our circumstances in life. This could mean more material success, better relationships, feeling more content in our own skin, etc.

The reason this works is the trickle down effect. When we feel good about ourselves we are happier. That in turn makes us more confident, which draws people to us and brings opportunities for more friends, more job prospects, and more possibilities in general. This makes for a more well-rounded and enjoyable life.

This is not a bad plan. I do this myself. So I thought I would share some things that have made a genuine impact on my life.


  1. Practice Daily Gratitude

Nothing make you happier than learning to appreciate what you already have. Sometimes we have many, many blessings that we don’t even realize. I make it a practice to write down at least five things I am profoundly grateful for every day. My level of joy has increased many times over since I began this.

2.  Play Brain Games

There are many websites that are designed to exercise your brain and give you an edge. These sites can help improve your memory and cognitive functioning today, but also fight against deterioration in the future. There are often a few free games you can access on a daily basis without signing up for a paid subscription.

Brain HQ allows you to play a free game each day, Lumosity allows five games each day, and as far as I can tell, Brain Gymmer gives you unlimited access each day (at the time of this article). I currently use all three of these sights and enjoy them all.

Another way to play is use a Nintendo DS to play Brain Age or similar games.

3. Exercise Your Body

The benefits of exercise can never be overrated. Those feel good endorphins your brain produces when you get up and move are designed to make you want to do more. So really, exercising your body is good for both the body and the mind. I get in my exercise almost everyday, even if it is just a 30 minute walk and some squats.

However, when sitting at a desk for most of the day, it has become popular to use desk exercisers. Some people even prefer a stand up desk.

4. Rest Your Mind

Everything needs rest – both your body and your mind. According to The Daily Mail, most humans have 6,000 thoughts per day or more. That’s a lot of work for your brain. It has also be estimated that we can make as many 35,000 decisions per day, both conscious and unconscious, according to Psychology Today.  Who wouldn’t need a rest from that? I include some sort of meditation into every day.

Sometimes I listen to free guides on YouTube or sometimes pop in a CD that I own. I particularly like this one for Relaxation and Wellness, but Amazon also has many you can access online for free if you have a Prime subscription. See those here: Amazon free meditations. Also, I like to mix it up. Some days I do guided meditations, but some days not.

5. Do Something Kind

Doing kind things for others is a pleasure and a joy that no one should be deprived of. When you help another person you promote their well-being as well as your own because The Secret To Happiness is Helping Others, according to Time. We are all interconnected, so that makes sense. You can show kindness by simply carrying a heavy box, providing transportation to someone, or even sharing a kind word.

Also, I would like to add that sometimes the kind thing you do should be for yourself. Give yourself the gift of doing at least one thing each day that you love. Take a scenic walk, a bubble bath, or have a nice meal out with dessert. Every day you should have at least one pleasurable thing to look forward to.

That’s it. These steps, practiced everyday, will make you feel more at peace with yourself and that will be communicated to others. That in turn will draw positive people to you and provide a more joyous life. And with that, you will definitely better yourself.