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PanOxyl Acne Foaming Wash is an acne treatment I came across while looking for a way to purchase ProActiv body wash without buying the whole system. I have finally outgrown most of my facial acne problems (but it took long enough!). However, I still have issues on my chest and back.

Now, I know I could just use Retin-A, but that gets expensive, messy and it’s difficult to reach and cover your whole back.

When I came across this product I saw some PanOxyl reviews claiming it so strong that they couldn’t use it everyday.

I immediately thought this was the product for me! Having been cursed with extremely oily skin, I discovered long ago that drying my skin out was my best defense.

My Experience

This product comes in a Foaming Wash and a Bar. I chose to try the foaming wash. Now, over the past few years my skin has actually become non-oily during the winter months. I was highly relieved since it looked as though there WAS hope for my skin after all.  But alas, we had a very mild winter this year and my skin never NEVER stopped being oily and NEVER stopped breaking out.

The reason I tell you all this because my skin has excessive qualities.

Because this wash is supposed to really dry your skin, I set aside one applicator to use only with it. The smell is very mild and not unpleasant. My usual routine is to wash first with regular soap, then wash my hair. After applying conditioner I use a large clip to secure my hair on top of my head, then I use my applicator to apply the PanOxyl over my chest, arms, and back. (The product label states that the product should not come into contact with our hair because it can bleach it.)

I then stand in the shower and wait for both products to work. I usually leave both on a little longer than it says, usually about three minutes. Then I rinse the soap off before letting my hair down and rinsing it.

Does It Work?

It doesn’t work for me. Some people swear by it, but for me – it just doesn’t clear up my skin. I have even tried lathering up twice in a row with it, but still no results.

I will not purchase this product again because I can get the same results with regular soap (which is basically NO results).

This was MY experience, and everyone’s skin is different. Your experience could be totally different.

(By the way, you can purchase this product at most Wal-Mart locations.)

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Stay Beautiful – Inside and Out!

If your experience has been different (or even the same), please leave feedback.

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