Relax-A-Line is a topical solution sold by a company called Cellular Skin Rx. I stumbled on some information about this product while searching in a forum for information on another product I wanted to try. (And I was hooked. Who doesn’t want the fountain of youth in a bottle?)

It contains Acetyl Hexapedtide 3, which is supposed to relax the muscles that allow wrinkles to form on your face. It is a topical form of Botox more or less. (By the way, while I was researching this I learned that a REAL Botox topical solution is in the works!!!)

I was intrigued to say the least, but when I saw that I could try this wonderful topical solution for only $24.00 I was in! On their website I saw that Ultra  Relax-A-Line was also available for $44.00.

I decided to try the regular strength first, just to see if it made any difference at all. My thought was this: If it does anything, then I will order the stronger version. However, if it does nothing at all, then I will not be out a lot of money.

My Experience

Imagine my excitement when I opened the box and found a sample of Ultra Relax-A-Line inside! And it wasn’t just a one time application, either. It was a little bottle that contained 5ml.

I started out using the regular strength first. The website states you should see a difference in 30 days, so I used the serum diligently twice a day. I found that less was more, since using too much actually made it dry too thick and peel off.

(I also read another review somewhere and the girl said she started massaging the serum in more and that made it start working more for her, so I started spending more time rubbing it in.)

The main areas I was treating were:

  • between eyebrows
  • creases on forehead
  • parenthesis (lines between nose and mouth when you smile)

After a month of continual use it was clear I was getting no results at all. However, I stayed at it for another month. Still no results. I switched over to Ultra Relax-A-Line and stayed with it for three weeks… disappointment.

This product also contains hyaluronic acid, which is supposed to be another miracle ingredient for anti aging. It naturally exists in our bodies, but used as a beauty aid it is supposed to help with skin elasticity. However, this ingredient made no impact on my skin, either.

I must say that I could see no benefits to my skin from using this product. However, every person is different and some people have left reviews in various places claiming to see positive results.

This was MY experience, and everyone’s skin is different. Your experience could be totally different.

Buy Relax-A-Line From Cellular Skin Rx

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