So on the old site (when it was just for husbands) we had this thing called the “Points Calendar”. This was an actual calendar that guys could print off and use all month. Each day had one idea for something nice they could do for their wives. The idea being that if you do just one small thing for your wife each day, it would really add up over weeks, months, and even years.

I have decided to revise the format of the original calendar and instead publish a list of 50 ideas that you can pick and choose from, then add them to your own calendar as meets your particular needs. This will be more user friendly, especially since this site now caters to both guys and girls. I encourage any feedback concerning this new format.

Now, don’t feel discouraged if you cannot integrate something every single day. Start out with one each week, then add more if and when you can.

So here’s the list (feel free to get creative and come up with your own as well):

1. Start 30 Days of Gratitude

2. Rent a movie you know he/she really wants to see

3. Send him/her on a night out with friends

4. Give him/her a nice card for no reason at all

5. Take him/her out for their favorite dessert after dinner

6. Send a text that reads: You make my life incredible!

7. Give him/her a back massage

8. Go for a walk with him/her and hold hands

9. Leave him/her a sweet note in car/on mirror

10. Do something nice for his/her parents

11. Fix a candlelight dinner (put takeout on nice plates if you can’t cook)

12. Organize bills with him/her

13. Bathe the kids/animals by yourself

14. Send him/her flowers or balloons to work

15. Run all the errands that need to be done

16. Ask what his/her dreams are for the next 10 years

17. Plan your next vacation together

18. Get tickets for his/her favorite band

19. Takes kids out for a couple hours and give him/her some alone time

20. Enjoy the stars together with some hot chocolate and a blanket

21. Take him/her of a surprise picnic

22. Take the day off work & spend it together for no reason

23. Take a shower or bath together

24. Send him/her an email: You are the most amazing man/woman in the world

25. Let him/her pick what you will do together all day on Saturday

26. Buy something he/she really wants

27. Find his/her best friend from high school & set up a reunion

28. Surprise him/her with a new hobby you can do together

29. Get a new pet

30. Get his/her rings and/or watch professionally cleaned

31. Fix his/her favorite recipe from childhood

32. Have the kids make a card or home movie for him/her

33. Bring home a giant cookie that reads: I Love You!

34. Write something nice about him/her on their calendar

35. Start introducing them as: my incredible husband/wife etc

36. Arrange for his/her best friend to take them to the movies

37. Plan a surprise party for his/her birthday

38. Get a joint membership for the gym (and use it)

39. Walk the dogs together

40. Volunteer for a worthy cause together

41. Learn how to make his/her favorite mixed drink
42. Make him/her a CD of romantic or favorite songs

43. Copy a nice poem or write your own for him/her

44. Completely clean his/her vehicle inside & out (or have it done)

45. Go dancing

46. Go on a double date with another couple (get a sitter if you have kids)

47. Throw a “surprise” party for him/her that’s just the two of you

48. Do some task that he/she hates to do like clean the bathroom or take car for oil change

49. Buy him/her a box DVD box set of favorite TV show

50. Put an anniversary ad in your local newspaper for him/her

These are some ideas to get you started. You can customize your list as fits your needs and interests. Remember, you get out of your relationship what you put into it. As you do more thoughtful things for your partner, you will probably notice them starting to do more for you too.

One last note: BE SURE to write these on your planner or put them into whatever device you use to keep up with things. If you don’t, you will be less likely to do them.

Now, go make your partner happy!

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