Time Saving Tips For ParentsTime Saving Tips For Parents

Being a parent can often feel like being on a never-ending treadmill. Get out of bed, get ready for school, drop off kids, pick up kids, do homework, pack lunches, take bath, go to bed, get out of bed…….

Oh, did I forget to mention after school activities, and sometimes even before school activities?

What happened to all the family time? And while we are talking about it, what happened to all the “you” time?

Being a parent can be down right overwhelming these days, especially when you add on jobs and other commitments.

And single parents? I don’t even know how you do it. Seriously, hats off to you, because you are INCREDIBLE!

But everyone could use a few time saving tips, no matter what your situation might be. So here I am listing a few things that work for us. This is not rocket science, but every little bit helps, right?

1. Prepackage Teddy Grahams, Pretzels, Goldfish, Etc. For Lunches & Snacks

I usually don’t buy the overpriced, prepackaged versions of these items, but instead I buy snack bags and do it myself. It literally takes just minutes, but it saves lots of money and keeps down the clutter in my pantry. (Some of those prepackaged boxes are huge.) I have my boys help prepare the bags of goodies. We keep a variety of items to choose from, so when it’s time to pack lunches and snacks the boys just grab whatever item they want.

2. Wash All Fruits and Veggies When You Bring Them In The House

When we bring in groceries I wash all fruits and veggies immediately. This means no washing of individual items when it’s time to pack lunches, but it also means my family eats more healthy foods because all fruits and veggies are already washed and ready to eat when they want a snack at home too.

3. Choose Clothes the Night Before

It’s amazing how much time this saves me in the mornings. After I put my boys in the shower in the morning I am free to start breakfast, finish getting myself ready, etc. because their clothes are already chosen and ready for them to put on. The time it takes for them to shower, dry off and dress gives me those extra few minutes to keep my morning from feeling like a circus.

4. Keep Homework Supplies In the Car

This one really helps me keep it together. After a long day at work all I want to do it go home and chill for a while. I DO NOT want to come home and start doing homework. So we have put clipboards, pencils, and extra paper in our vehicle to be used for homework on the way home from school. It is surprising how much homework my boys can do in those few minutes. They often have it ready for me to check by the time we get home.  This is also great for days when we have appointments and don’t go straight home from school.

5. Have Everyone Carry In Everything From Your Vehicle Every Time You Get Home

I hate a cluttered up car as much as I hate a cluttered up home, so each time we arrive home I make everyone in the car carry in everything that belongs to them. Every time. Without fail. This keeps me from spending my weekends cleaning out my car. If my boys fail to do this, they will be called back outside to complete the task because I want it to be a habit for them. (Cleanliness is a habit, you know.)

So there you have it. Some of my best time saving tips for parents. Hope you will find these useful.

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by Angela Christian Pope @ ModernRelationship.org