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What is the TRIA Hair Removal Laser? I’ll tell you what it is…..FREEDOM!

I have been watching the TRIA Hair Removal Laser for a long time….just watching and waiting for the price to drop. Well, it did drop, but it took a long darn time!

I voiced my concerns to my wonderful hubby, who bought me one for Christmas this year. But this is the best part…..he felt so sorry for me that he let me have it three weeks before Christmas!

Why I Decided To Try Tria

1. You have to purchase replacement parts for the No! No!

2. I have had professional electrolysis, which is too painful, expensive and way too much time out of my schedule.

3. The people who developed the laser used in doctor offices and spas also created this compact, at home version.

4. It is permanent!!!

How It Works:

The Tria uses a laser that searched for pigment and zaps it. This is why dark skinned people cannot use it due to possible skin damage (it will cook dark skin). Also, people with really light or white hair do not get results because the laser cannot find the hair.

When I got the Tria out of the box it was actually a little larger than I expected, and the laser window was smaller than I expected. (However, I was not discouraged. I am willing to put some work into being hair-free.) It comes with a Tria Skin Sensor which you use to make sure your skin is not too dark.


1. Completely wash the area you wish to treat.

2. Shave the area as closely as possible. (You want all the laser to be concentrated under the skin and toward the root, so you want to remove as much hair as possible above the skin.) Also, the closer the shave, the less it hurts.

3. Dry the area completely.

4. Use these steps to unlock the Tria:

First, you turn the Tria on. Then you hold the skin sensor against the skin you want to treat. Then you push the botton on top. If it turns red, then that area is too dark to treat. If it turns green, then you move it across the front panel of the Tria and it unlocks it. You are now ready for use.

(Note: You should not wax or pluck the area for at least six weeks before you begin administering Tria treatments. You can shave at anytime during the treatments, and you do not have to use the Tria EVERY time you shave.)

Using the Tria:

The Tria has five settings and you should you the highest laser setting you can tolerate for the best results. You place the Tria against your skin and listen for the first beep. When it has finished treating that area it will beep a second time. (This is usually a couple seconds.) Then you can move on to the next spot. This sounds simple enough, but it has such a small tip that it only treats a tiny area each time.

The instruction book suggests that you treat overlapping areas, which I also believe is a good idea. It is also a good idea to find a white marking pen of some kind and grid the area you are treating. This makes it much easier to cover all areas and not miss anything.

Also, the tip area has to stay securely in contact with your skin. If you move it or if it is not flat on your skin, then it will buzz letting you know that spot was not treated and you need to try it again.

The manufactorer suggests you treat each area every two weeks up until the third month, then you can cut back to once each month.

It takes three hours for the Tria to fully charge. There is also a quiet charge setting which takes eight hours to complete. The reason for this setting is because the Tria has an internal fan that cuts off and on while it is working or charging. But I don’t find it to be that loud. I often charge mine in my bedroom at night and it doesn’t wake me up.

You cannot use the Tria while it is plugged in, and a full charge will only last you around 20 minutes or so. This depends largely on the setting you use. The highest setting uses the charge the quickest. Because of this you have to stop and recharge quiet often, which can be frustrating when you are trying to finish a certain area.

My Experience:

The booklet that comes with the Tria states that you will not notice any real change until the second or third month, but I saw a difference after the second treatment. This was surprising to me because I have hair removal issues. (A good waxing lasts me EXACTLY ten days on any part of my body. It’s hardly worth the effort. Especially with all the ingrown hair that follows.)

It is now mid-February and I must say that I am quite happy with the results so far. I started out doing my upper and lower legs, and underarms. I added my bikini line a few weeks later since I had to wait six weeks from previous waxing. However, it was so time consuming that I stopped working on my upper legs for now. I plan to go back to them when I am finished with the other areas.

My lower legs have areas with no hair growing back at all. When I shave I get a very close shave and my legs stay soft and smooth for days.

My underarms have shown the least amount of results. It is such a small area and I concentrate on only covering them with a whole charge, so I expected more. I have considered that maybe deodorant residue might have something to do with that.

My bikini line has been the best treated area so far. I started it later, but have seen the greatest results there. I am almost finished with treatments in that area.

As mentioned before, the booklet states you should treat each area every two weeks in the beginning, but since I have such a fast growth cycle for hair I chose to treat every 12 days instead of every 14 days.

I have also found a good way to compensate for the fact that I always miss areas on my legs. I get in some good light and dry shave tiny areas that I have missed, then I use the Tria in those specific spots. Later, I will shave the whole leg and resume using the Tria as usual.

This has been MY experience, but every person has a body that can respond differently to things. I hope this Tria Review has helped you make a decision on which product is right for you.

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Stay Beautiful – Inside and Out!

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