what is minimalismWhat is Minimalism?

So, what is minimalism exactly?

Lately, I have been soaking up all the information I can find on this hot and revolutionary topic.

And the concept is very simple. It basically means you limit the things in your life. You have less stuff, therefore, you keep up with and maintain less stuff. This allows you more time for leisure and the things that truly bring you joy in your life.

However, even though the first step for most people is paring down their material things, the minimalistic lifestyle can go much deeper. It can affect where you live, where you work, who you spend time with, etc.

All the Commotion About Minimalism

If you haven’t heard about minimalism yet, then I am surprised. It is everywhere.

Books, movies and websites are dedicated to it. People are changing their whole outlook on life. They are changing addresses, changing careers, and giving away half of what they own or more. And they are…..GULP…….HAPPY!

Happy….now that’s a word that has eluded most of the United States population for a long time. Somewhere wrapped up in the American Dream we were all fed the lie that more stuff equals more happiness.

Can you say….WRONG???

I believe most of us have figured out that is the biggest lie we have ever heard. The problem of having massive amounts of stuff is that you become a slave to it. You have to work long hours to pay for it. You have to maintain it, keep up with it, organize it, clean it, etc. Way too much work!

The Great Recession showed thousands of people that smaller if often better. Hence, the tiny house movement (The Tiny Life) and new, simpler fashion trends (Project 333) – just to name two of the bigger trends going.

Minimalism says you don’t need to have that much stuff in order to be “someone”. It also says you can work less hours (because you have less stuff and less need for money) and spend your time doing things you enjoy.

It also says you can simplify your life in these ways:

  • Prepare and eat simpler foods/meals
  • Give inexpensive but meaningful gifts for all occasions
  • Enjoy things without owning them (library, museum, etc)
  • Turn off some of the electronics/news that clutters our minds

And guess what? All this doesn’t even make you lazy….or a slacker.

Why This Matters

This blog is actually several different blogs that I merged together recently because it was exhausting trying to maintain so many separate sites. I was trying to simplify my life, as I have been attempting to do for some time. It felt great when I started looking around and saw other people who were attempting to do the same.

I have also been trying to decide on the future direction of this blog, so I have been trying to decide what I am most passionate about. I was in the shower the other day (where all my inspirations seem to come from) and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I could write about this topic forever. I am truly that excited about it!

Therefore, a significant amount of the future content on this site will deal with minimalism and ways to simplify our lives. I have never been someone who frequently purges items from my house, but over the holidays I have truly started eliminating items from my home like never before.


Interested in getting started too? Here is a good place to start.

You can also watch The Minimalists on Netflix.

So what is minimalism? It’s the thing that gives us all permission to stop and smell the roses. Or the whole garden.

Woo hoo!